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Feng Shui Art - Christoph Foss

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CHRISTOPH     FOSS -  experience   and  competence

  • Certified Feng Shui consultant
  • Certified geopathologist
  • Master craftman`s certificate in interior design
  • Ecological construction consultant

  • Master`s certificate in interior design in 1988
  • Feng shui consultant with certificate since 1999
  • Professional training courses at Ilse Renetzeder,Olivia Moogk,
  • Rishi-Institut,Wilhelm Gerstung (Institut für angewandtes Kanyu) and Manfred Happel (Feng Shui Pur International)
  • Education geopathologist at environment institute for geopathology and electrosmog
  • Huna-philosophy training courses at Ekkehard Zellmer,

Magnified Healing by Kwan Yin

  • 2009/2010- education as an alternative practioner(DGAM)
  • 2012-training as an ecological construction consultant at IQUH (institute for quality management and environment hygiene)
  • Educational journeys to Tibet, China and Russia


Christoph Foss, Feng Shui Consultant

The Energy-Source for your Rooms

Tao Teppich Schafsschurwolle via FORMOSA Art

TAO-Carpet 100% Pure Wool

Tao Teppich Seide via FORMOSA Art

TAO-Carpet 100% Pure Silk

The traditional alignment of the I-Ging trigrams restores the energy of a room to its inventively initial condition. Therefore the carpet operates as an acupuncture-generator increasing the positive vibrations of its environment.


The carpet with its exact setting of the K’un trigrams, facing to the north*, provides your premises a protective atmosphere.


The pattern of the Tao carpet illustrates the so called pre-natal sky of the Taoism with the symbol of Ying and Yang as central point. This pattern can be found in far eastern historical spiritual places as well as on fortunate talismans.


  • The shape of the carpet as well as the color scheme derived from the historical tradition of Taoism (Lao-tzu). Both contribute to increase the room energy.
  •  The octagon represents the eight areas of life with Feng Shui (Bagua) with their optimal trigram alignments and thereby stimulates their attainment.
  •  The pattern arrangement corresponds to the Feng Shui dimensions as well as to the sacred geometry according to Leonardo da Vinci and Fibunacci and strengthens the harmony of your rooms.
  •  This carpet offers a perfect discussion basis for your conferences and meetings.
  •  The decorative type of the carpet provides a harmonious impact in the entrance area of your company or hotel.
  •  The carpet is naturally excellent suitable for mediations rooms, Tai Chi or Qi Gong studios.
  •  Overall the carpet appears balancing and centralizing.


* is marked on the back side of the carpet



Wool and Silk


High quality available in variants


The Tao-Carpet* is handemade and either made out of 100% Pure Wool from New Zealand or 100% Pure Silk from  China available.


100% Pure Wool

The basic color is sand-beige**

Diameter approx. 196 cm

1'398,- € plus freight

Tao Teppich 100% Seide via FORMOSA Art

100% Pure Silk with amazing glow

The basic color is gold**

Diameter approx. 196 cm

3'998,- € plus freight

  • Both variants are available.
  • We deliver Europe-wide. Please let us know your address and we will calculate the freight cost.

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Based on the personal contact to the producer and several on-site visits we can guarantee that these carpets are not made by children.


* copyrighted by the German Patent Office, Munich


** The illustrations are not binding in color, natural materials are subject to color variations.