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January 14, 2014

Introduction of Master Petra Coll Exposito, President of Feng Shui International Institute of Excellence, Germany

Petra Coll Exposito, President of Feng Shui Institute of Excellence
Petra Coll Exposito, President of Feng Shui Institute of Excellence

Petra Coll Exposito lives in Berlin and works as a professional Feng Shui consultant for business and private households all over Europe.


During her numerous travels abroad she became conscious of Feng Shui and learnt that the laying out of one’s work- and living area significantly influences one’s health and general well-being.


Out of sheer curiosity which has long since turned into a firm conviction she began to train as a Feng Shui counsellor. During that time she met grand master Yap Cheng Hai who convinced her to continue with her studies.


Today, after years of studying, she owns the highest diploma of Feng Shui Master Yap Cheng Hai and his Master school, as well as being the only certified Feng Shui Master of the International Feng Shui Association in Germany. The International Feng Shui Association, located in Singapore, has also accredited her as an official trainer. The committee which has awarded her with that title consists of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, Grandmaster Raymond Lo, Grandmaster Vincent Koh and lots of other Masters.


Since she’s allowed to teach at the master school, she teaches modules one and two to train European Feng Shui consultants. Together with her students she examines historical as well as new buildings from a Feng Shui perspective and presents the findings on her website as well as in the media.


Also, she regularly gives talks, holds seminars and tries to use every opportunity to draw the public’s attention to the science of authentic Feng Shui. When she was still studying Feng Shui she took classes in Chinese Astrology. During her counselling sessions she makes use of that knowledge. But she also offers pure Bazi Suan Ming consultations.


Her personal life motto is reflected in the following remark of Lao Zi:


"To look for knowledge means to gain, day by day."