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24 Mountains Compass

24 Mountains is one of the most important and widely used rings on the Chinese Feng Shui Luo Pan. It comprises the eight major compass directions each of which is sub-divided into three. These 24 directions are the basis of Flying Stars, Water Dragon formulas, Bagua theory and the Eight Mansions method of Feng Shui analysis.


Our reliable, convenient and carry-along compass complete with 24 mountains ring is ideal for those of you looking to identify auspicious and inauspicious directions in your home and workplace. For those important meetings a subtle glance at the compass can let you know the best way to face to help achieve positive results based on your Gua number.


24 Mountains Compass from FORMOSA Art

24 Mountains

24 Mountains Compass Table

Possessing an accurate compass is important because all Feng Shui formulas categorize buildings according to their facing and sitting directions and the 24 mountains are an essential component for correct analysis. To use formula Feng Shui effectively and benefit from the charts derived from the formulations, it is essential to know how to identify and take advantage of the 24 directions. You may find for example your house facing is different from your main door facing.


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24 Mountains Compass Directions

The Flow of Chi

Feng Shui translates as wind and water. Chi enters a property from the exterior and the characteristics of that Chi (positive or negative), together with the way it enters, moves through, and leaves a building offers important clues as to the quality of life residents can expect. Feng Shui expertise enables a practitioner to study the quality and strength of Chi flow and how it affects a building and its occupants. Taking accurate directions is an important facet of practicing Feng Shui. Guessing directions will do more harm than good as activating a wrong sector may cause a wide variety of negative outcomes. Always use a compass to help pinpoint the good and avoid the not so good based on what it is you want to achieve.



Basic Compass Directions

Primary Directions are North, South, East and West. These are the four directions of the celestial guardians; dragon, tiger, tortoise and phoenix. Also known as the four heavenly kings they can protect you from those who would lead you astray and get you into trouble. When positive they can help protect your property from negative influences. You want to see dragon (land/buildings) higher and to the left at the front of a property, tiger (land/buildings) lower and to the right, turtle (high land/buildings/trees) behind for support and phoenix an open space in front.


Secondary Directions are Southwest, Northeast, Southeast and Northwest. These four directions signify father (northwest), mother (southwest), youngest son (northeast) and eldest daughter (southeast). When any of these sectors are auspicious it can have a positive influence on the family member concerned. If any of these sectors are negatively affected by external or internal afflictions it can have a detrimental effect on the family member concerned causing among other things ill health and/or loss of wealth.



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24 Mountains Feng Shui Compass from FORMOSA Art