Personalized calligraphy   -   unique and valuable, but inexpensive

Who will write your text?


We have a team of experienced calligraphy writers who presented their art work in several calligraphy exhibitions.

What will they write for you?


You can select your own English text (max. 40 words). We will translate it and write it on a banner like you see on the left hand side.


It can also be a poem, or a quote from e.g. Lao Tse or Confucius.




This text will show your name and the date on the backside or on the front side.


We also can include the translated first name of the recipient to Chinese and include it in the text on the front side.


What will it cost?


Fix price* for


packaging and

worldwide shipping:


138 US$


*This fix price valid until December 31, 2017

How can you order?


Just write an email to and let us know your request. We will answer by return.


We are looking forward to your message.

Our calligraphy texts are written in traditional Chinese. These characters have been created during the Qin dynasty (221 – 207 B.C.) and not changed ever since.

Traditional Chinese characters are much more complex and have more strokes than simplified Chinese.


The simplified Chinese was created in 1958 A.D.




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