Acrylic Luopan

LPA009 - Acrylic Luopan

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  • Inner part is a compass and moves accordigly
  • Weight: Luopan  118 Gram
  • Weight: Box 142 Gram


Quantity Prices Freight*
 1 42 US$/EA 17 US$/ 1 unit
10 35 US$/EA 42US$ /10 units
50 30 US$/EA

51US$ / 50 units

Freight*: Worldwide freight cost

The Acrylic Feng Shui Luopan has a large compass as inner part and is easy to use for building plans.

Acrylic Luopan Acrly lopan

Acrly Luopan LPA009
Luopan FORMOSA Art with box

LP009 Acrylic Luopan in box
Feng Shui Luopan in box

LPA009 Dimension from FORMOSA Art

Luopan in Spanish and Chinese

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