Guan Gong Sculptures


The Feng Shui symbol for strength and courage



This is the most powerful sculpture to support the positive energy of Feng Shui. Even for people who are not familiar with Feng Shui, it is obvious that this sculpture represents strength and courage.




It is the perfect sculpture for the money area in your home or office. This sculpture could also be used as decoration in meeting rooms or reception areas.




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FORMOSA Art Feng Shui Guan Gong
GGW-01 Click on photo for full size view

Guang Gong



He represents a good Feng Shui for any office or home due to what Guan Gong personifies -

  •  Honor,
  • Loyalty,
  • Integrity,
  • Justice,
  • Courage and
  • Strength


He holds to the values and ideals of


  • Sentiments,
  • Friendship,
  • Fidelity and
  • Brotherhood







H:  48 cm

W: 35 cm

D:  25 cm


Weight: 11 kg


Material: Camphor wood


Price: on request


If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us here.


GGW-02 Click on the photo for full size view
GGW-02 Click on the photo for full size view



  • Material:     Sandalwood
  • Height:       45 cm
  • Width:        22 cm
  • Depth:        12 cm
  • Weight:        3 kg