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What is Luopan Art?

My customers asked me to show details and different colors for their customized Luopan. The easiest way to do that is to create a 3D model and show the different version, like architects do.


But that was business part of it. I discovered the fun part to create "impossible" materials, explosion and animation. On this site you will find some of the result what I called "Luopan Art".


If you are interested to have your Luopan digitalized or aminated for advertisement, just get in touch with us:


trans4mation Animation


You will recognize Howard Choy's Luopan in the middle of the rotating rings

PocketLuopan Animation

Turn on the sound!


I put the Heaven Plate of a Luopan in a pocket watch and animated it.

Image Gallery

trans4mation Luopan Art by FORMOSA ART
Luopan Art trans4mation by FORMOSA ART

trans4mation by FORMOSA ART - Luopan Art


trans4mation: Howard Choy's Luopan in rotation rings

trans4mation by FORMOSA ART - Luopan Art
FORMOSA ART - trans4mation - Luopan Art

Luopan Art by FORMOSA ART
PocketLuopan Luopan Art by FORMOSA ART

PocketLuopan by FORMOSA ART


The images of PocketLuopan show the Heaven Plate of the customized Luopan for Howard Choy in a pocket watch.

Luopan Art GlassLuopan by FORMOSA ART
GlassLuopan by FORMOSA ART

FORMOSA ART Luopan Art GlassLuopan


These images show the Earth Plate of Howard Choy's Luopan as glass material. So I calles it GlassLuopan.

LuopanArt LuopanXplore Formosa Art
XploreLuopan Luopan Art by FORMOSA Art

Luopan Xplore by FORMOSA Art


I called these images Xplore. You can see some parts of the Luopan outside of their normal position.