FORMOSA Art belongs to EAST YING International Company and is part of the Trade Business and Consulting department.

Ms. Lily Chang
Ms. Lily Chang

Ms. Lily Chang (張祝玲)

General Manager of

EAST YING International Company


Address :


New Taipei City, Taiwan


Branch, Germany

Freiburg, Germany


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Our team from FORMOSA Art has long experience in customer service and customer relations. Our focus is quality and customer satisfaction





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TBW-20 Feng Shui treasure Bowl Wood
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Daoism God and Feng Shui

for Home and Business

Guan Gong is Chinese God of War and known for being very powerful. He is believed to provide people who invite him into their home or at work with both status and protection. Businessmen looking for power or to be treated equally typically seek his help. So, became also God of Business.