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QUALITY, Feng Shui & Art

You are welcome to discover  FORMOSA Art


Whether you are interested in Feng Shui or just in Art and Design Objects, here is the right place. We provide high quality Feng Shui Products and Feng Shui Luo Pan, but also useful tips for your home and your office from international Feng Shui experts.


If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Feng Shui Compasses

FORMOSA Art Luo Pan for Feng Shui consultants

We provide a large selection of Feng Shui Compasses (Luopan)  for Feng Shui consultants. More than 100 types and sizes are available.


Students with FORMOSA Art Luo Pan

For Feng Shui Master and Feng Shui Institutes we offer the possibility to produce your own Luo Pan Design, with your main focus, in your language. We also produce Luo Pan for Bazi and Vastu.


For architects, interior designer and real estate agents with Feng Shui background we offer acrylic compasses.

We can also produce acrylic compasses to your designs.