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Golden Luopan and Diamonds

We offer three Categories of Luopan:

Formosa Art Traditional Luopan

Traditional Luopan

In this category you will find several Luopan types, such as San He, San Yuan, Zong He and Xuan Kong in different designs and sizes. Here you can choose from over 100 Luopan. All these Luopan have Chinese character.

Formosa Art Patented Luopan

Patented Luopan

Here you will find Luopan customized designed. The Luopan are only offered directly by the designers or exclusive by FORMOSA ART. Patent fees for the designers are already included in the prices. These Luopan are partly translated.

Formosa Art Customized Luopan

Custom-made Luopan

We can produce any language, any size or design for you.If the Luopan has a patent, you should be the patent owner or you should have the formal allowance from the patent owner.

We also produce Acryl Luopan and Acryl Liji Ruler.

These custom-made designs have minimum order quantities for the initial order. We produce this type of Luopan mainly for Feng Shui schools or Feng Shui associations.

All of our Luopan are Made in Taiwan. We cooperate with Taiwan's leading Luopan manufacturers. Design and production are carried out according to German quality standards.


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