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Pierfrancesco Ros' Luopan

Pierfrancesco Ros' Zong He Luopan


  • Pierfrancesco Ros has designed this Luopan several years ago
  • Now, the updated version is available
  • His Zong He Luopan has no Chinese character
  • Actually is has now language at all
  • Just symbols, pinyin, numbers and bagua make his Luopan easy to read, easy to remember and easy to use
  • The Luopan comes with an Engish PDF guide
  • Worldwide shipping
  • All parts are made in Taiwan

Pierfranceso Ros' Zong He Luopan PR-188 by FORMOSA ART

Luopan PR-188

Item: CLASSY Luopan
Item-No.: PR-188
Size: 18.8 x 18.8 cm
Price with Poly Gloss: 450 US$*

* Price without freight cost.

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Names of the rings of Pierfranceso Pos' Luopan

Names of the rings in Pierfranceso Ros' Zong He Luopan PR-188

Feng Shui Elements

Ring 6 with the Elements

Pierfranceso Ros' Zong He Luopan with bag on black