FORMOSA Art How to order

How to order

This is very simple: Just write an email to

We reply within 24 hours.


We do not want a fully automated ordering system and these are our reasons:


  • We do not want you to fill out a complicated form and be just a number in our system.
  • Each customer requirement is different, each order is different and each customer is different. We can better fulfill these requirements with your email.
  • We ship all over the world and the calculation of freight costs is sometimes quite complicated. The delivery is only a service of ours, but not our core business. Nevertheless, we always try to find the cheapest delivery way for you.


The ordering process

  • As soon as we know which products, which quantity you are interested in and we have your delivery data, we provide an individual quotation with prices, freight, as well as the delivery and payment terms.
  •  Once the money has been deposited in our account, the order process begins.
  •  We keep you up to date until the goods have arrived.


Easy & fast payment via PayPal

  • With the quotation you will also receive the payment and delivery terms
  • Depending on the value either 30% or 100% are due at order placement
  • You can pay either via bank transition or PayPal. For lower values we would recommend PayPal
  • PayPal is faster and you will receive your products earlier

Here is a 1 minute video to show you  how we work


If you have any questions, we are here to help you:


How to order in FORMOSA-Art