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smART Adapter

FORMOSA ART smART Luopan Tripod Adapter

smART Luopan Tripod Adapter

We received many inquiries about Luopan Tripods. So we contacted our suppliers, but we weren't satisfied with what they showed us. It was either too big, too heavy, too expensive, or too complicated.


So we thought about it ourselves. Our solution: the smART Luopan tripod adapter.


The smART adapter is small and handy. With it, you can turn a standard video tripod into a Luopan tripod with one hand.


You can use your tripod that you use for your video or photo camera if it has a 44mm Tilt Plate Quick Release Board.


You don't have a tripod yet? No problem. Go to a video or photo accessories store with the smART adapter and buy a tripod that suits your budget.

smART Luopan Tripod Adaplter by FORMOSA ART

smART Tripod Adapter




You can even use a tripod that you would otherwise use for your mobile phone or tablet.


The suction cup fits every standard thread for tripods



The smART Adapter Set

The smART adapter set consists of a suction cup with a diameter of 120 mm, a Tilt Plate Quick Release Board 44 mm and a small spirit level.


smART adapter set* price: 38 US$ (without freight)

The smART adapter set does not include a tripod or a Luopan. The tripods and Luopan on the images are just to demonstrate how the smArt set works.

smART Adapter Set - FORMOSA ART

smART suction cup

The large suction cup holds your Luopan securely on the tripod

smART tilt plate quick release board

With the Tilt Plate Quick Release Board you can quickly change the attachment

smART Adapter set - spirit level FORMOSA ART

You can use the spirit level to balance the horizontal position of your Luopan




If you have any questions, just write to




We would be happy to make an offer with the freight costs and all important information. Please do not forget to provide your full address so that we can calculate the freight costs.


LuBan Ruler

FORMOSA Art LuBan Ruler

Lu Ban

Lu Ban (魯班 ) ( 507–444 BC) was a Chinese carpenter, engineer and inventor during the Zhou Dynasty. He is revered as the Chinese god (patron) of builders and contractors in Chinese folk religion. His original name was Gongshu Yizhi. He was also referred to as Gongshu Ban or Pan.

Some people call him the Chinese Leonardo da Vinci, even he lived 900 years earlier than da Vinci.


Lu Ban invented numerous things, one of them was the the Luban carpentry ruler. It was used in ancient times in the construction of residential houses and furniture. Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. According to this, every object with specific measures and at a specific location will radiate harmonic energy. A whole structure and each of its parts would have its height, width and length measured in lucky numbers.

Lu Ban Ruler

The standard ruler used by Feng Shui practitioners is the Lu Ban ruler. It has been used over a thousand years. Of course, a ruler cannot change the destiny; however, the utilization of an ancient belief into architecture allows the builders to reduce negative energy and create positive energy. Nowadays, the Lu Ban ruler and Ding Lan ruler is currently still in widespread use by Feng Shui practitioners.


The Feng Shui Ruler shows which measurements are auspicious, and which ones should be avoided. The practice is to always look for the measurements that fall within the red letterings of both systems.

Lu Ban Foot

Lu Ban Foot (or Feng Shui Foot): The 42.96 cm foot is divided into 8 quadrants of power like the Lo Shu square (The magic Square). Each quadrant is 5.37cm, has unique properties and corresponds with one of the Eight Trigram. Each quadrant is further divided into 4 sub sections further defining the base quadrant.


The Lu Ban Foot is the ‘cubit’ of Feng Shui, and is repeated over and over again on the modern Lu Ban Ruler, so that any dimension is simply a multiple of this, e.g. the 7.50 m Lu Ban Ruler shows 17.458 times the Lu Ban Foot.


Lu Ban Ruler Parts

Lu Ban Ruler Parts Graphic by FORMOSA ART

* Please read also the remark at the end of this site regarding the inch line.

How to use a Lu Ban Ruler

A detailed description of how a Lu Ban Ruler is used in practice is too complex for a website. We have therefore decided to offer a webinar on this topic. It is important to us that questions can be asked in the webinar and practical cases are discussed.


Please refer to this page for more details on the webinar.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at Webinar@FORMOSA ART.com


LuBan Tape Measure from formosa-art
LuBan Ruler from Formosa-Art

Lu Ban Ruler LuBan Measure Tape by FORMOSA ART

LuBan Ruler

Item-No. Length  Width Price
LBR-300 3 m  16 mm OUT OF STOCK
LBR-500 5 m 19 mm OUT OF STOCK
LBR-750 7.5 m 25 mm 15.80 US$ /EA*

*all prices are without freight cost

LuBan Ruler from FORMOSA ART
LuBan Ruler Clip formosa art


There are also Lu Ban ruler in the market with Taiwanese inch


Taiwanese units of measurement

(Chinese: 臺制, Mandarin: Táizhì) are the customary and traditional units of measure used in Taiwan. The Taiwanese units formed in the 1900s when Taiwan was under Japanese rule. Today, the Taiwanese units are used exclusively, in some cases alongside official metric units, and in other cases they have been supplanted by metric units.

Click on the image to enlarge

Note that although the Taiwanese units have similar names to those in Chinese units of measurement and Hong Kong units of measurement, the standards are different from those used in China or Hong Kong because they're of Japanese origin and not Chinese.