Grand Master Dr Stephen Skinner and Dr Jin Peh with their new Luopan design SS-260 manufactured by FORMOSA ART

Grand Master Dr Stephen Skinner's Luopan

The era of the new Luopan generation was ushered in with the design of Grand Master Dr. Stephen Skinner

  • It is designed by Dr Stephen Skinner, the Grand Master who wrote the most complete book ever written in English about the Luopan, Guide to the Feng Shui Compass
  • The Luopan is accompanied by a Handbook explaining each ring and its use in detail, unlike most other Luopans which seldom come with even a ring list
Luopan well SS-260

  • This Handbook contains enough information for a beginner to easily use the Luopan
  • It has English equivalents for the 24 Mountain ring (S1, S2, S3, etc)
  • It is a Zong He Luopan, meaning it has both San He and San Yuan formulas
Luopan part SS-260

  • The Heaven Pool compass is 3.5 cm wide, enabling very precise alignment
  • Several rings have been corrected which were previously historically wrong
  • The Lunar Mansions xiu ring, which was previously set at 960 AD Epoch and was therefore unusable, has now been updated to the current 60-year cycle
Part of GM Stephen Skinner's Luopan

  • Formula like Eight Mansions, which normally do not appear on the Luopan, have been included in the Handbook in tabular form
  • Manufactured by FORMOSA ART,  Taiwan's leading Luopan Manufacturer according to German quality standards, and protected from wear
Part of The Luopan SS-260

  • Designed by Er Choon Haw, and with the input of Dr Jin Peh
Upper part of GM Dr. Stephen Skinner's Luopan

Gand Master Dr. Stephen Skinner's Luopan (SS-260), manufactured by FORMOSA ART

Set: Luopan with 133 page book

Item: CLASSY Luopan
Item-No: SS-260
Size: 26.0 x 26.0 cm

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