Here you will find information about your Luopan, such as maintenance, compass needle correction (N to S) and more. This page is updated continuously. So it's worth coming back.

Luopan Maintenance

Most Feng Shui practitioners are using a Luopan. In this article I would like to give you some recommendation how to maintain a Feng Shui compass.


a) Cleaning the surfaces


The square Earth Plate is often made of Bakelite and some Luopan have a red piano lacquer surface. For high quality Luopan, the round Heaven Plate is often covered with a Poly protection. This in most cases are actually Epoxy. To clean both surfaces from dust, always use a soft fabric or flannel. Always use a gentle touch, and dry immediately with separate cloth.


Never use terrycloth, rags or paper towels.


b) Storage the Luopan


For transportation, we strongly recommend to lay the Luopan upside down, because the top of the needle is sharp and it needs to be sharp enough that it can move smoothly. If it is not possible, at least lay it vertically with a tilt towards the surface. Try to avoid having the Luopan and your cell phone next to each other in the same bag or briefcase. Carry your Luopan in a separate bag away from any electronic equipment like a cell phone or a laptop.


At home you can either lay it down upside down or store it upright like a book, but make sure that it doesn’t fall down and shock the compass needle.


c) Luopan Maintenance


Keep the Luopan Compass far away from any kind of magnetic fields, like TV, Microwave, Computer and Router etc.


In very few exceptional cases, it may happen that the compass needle suddenly no longer points south, but north. This is not a problem. Just take a look at the video below and you will see how you can easily put the compass needle back into the correct position.


A Luopan compass is a very delicate instrument, so always treat it with care and respect, otherwise it will not serve you in the way it is meant to do.


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d) Video Compass Needle Correction