Your Own Luopan Design

You are interested to create your own Luopan Design? We can provide tradition version in Brass, Bakelite, Alumium or even PMMA (Acrylic).

The Acrylic version can be used in combination with modern Apps for mobile phones. Depending on your requirements we use either CNC machines or CO² Laser for engraving of your design for the Acrylic Luopan.


  • We combine German quality standards with Taiwanese manufacturing experience.
  • We communicate with you in English or German and in our team are native Mandarin speakers to communicate with the production to make sure that you get what you want.




sample image for own luopan design

Sample image

Classical Luopan


Inner part made of brass and movable with high quality compass in the heavan pool. For the outside your can choice either Bakelite or Alumium.


At the corner we use high quality spirit levels and if you wish we add a brass plate with your logo.


sample image for own acrylic luopan design

Sample image

Acrylic Luopan


We use only high quality GS PMMA (Acrylic glass) for Luopan production. For the engraving of your design we use either CNC machines or CO² laser.


The sample image on the left side shows a combination of Chinese and Spanish characters.

Production of Acrylic luopan

What do we need from you?


In both cases we only need a high resolution image. A JPG-file with  3000 x 3000 pixel is possible, an AI-file would be even better. To get your own Luopan design is easier than you might think. We assist you in any phase of the project.


For further information and detailed quotation write an email to:


We keep your design as your copyright

Your Own Luopan Design - Sample image


Sample image