FORMOSA ART - custom-made Luopan - BE UNIQUE

Having your own Luopan design makes you unique as a Feng Shui teacher

  • You can emphasize the focus of your Feng Shui education in the design
  • Your name on the Luopan and your logo will highlight the prestige of your Feng Shui school
  • You can create the Luopan design from scratch or you can use one of our CLASSY models and change the design to your wish


Custom-made Luopan


We realize your Luopan ideas and accompany you on the way from the first draft to the finished product. We give you professional assistance if you wish and make suggestions for the technical implementation. The entire process is clearly structured and follows German quality standards. You get all this at transparent prices and conditions.


We are experienced in what we do and have successfully completed new Luopan designs for numerous Feng Shui Masters and several Feng Shui Associations.



Our goal is to satisfy you as our customer and provide you with the highest quality that will give you and your students long-term confidence in your Luopan design.


With your own Luopan design, you can create your own personal Feng Shui style to pass on to your students. This can be additional information in the rings or your language, symbols or numbers. There are numerous ways to create your distinctive Luopan design.


We will be happy to assist and advise you.


Phase 1: The Luopan Design Draft


A) You have already created your own design or you want to change your design

  • This is the most direct and easiest way. In this case we need a written confirmation from you that it is your design.
  • Simply provide us with your design or a high-resolution photo for review. If you don't want to give your design away unprotected, just give us one half of the design. That is enough for us to review.


B) You have an idea for a Luopan, but you do not have the technical possibilities to make a Luopan drawing


  • Also in this case we need the written confirmation that it is your design and no protected Luopan design has been copied.
  • For the design, we will provide you with the assistance of our expert. He is graduated in Chinese and English, has many years of experience in Feng Shui and graphic design. He has translated numerous Feng Shui books from Chinese into English and has worked with the famous Feng Shui Grand Master Dr. Stephen Skinner for years.
  • Our expert's working time is charged separately and is based on the time and effort required for your design.


C) You are already working with a San He, San Yuan, Zong He or Xuan Kong Luopan, but you are missing additional information in the rings


  • Remove what you don't need in a design and insert the rings with the desired information or translate parts into your language. Some customers prefer symbols or numbers instead of Chinese words.



In any case, you have the possibility to change the colors of the Luopan individually.


The background of Heaven's Plate is always gold (brass), but you can choose a different background color and the font will appear gold. There are many possibilities of color design. We will be happy to advise you on this.


Phase 2: Review of your Design


  • Before we can provide a quote your design must be discussed with our production manager.
  • In this phase it will be determined if the Luopan can be produced either with the standard production process "punching" or if there are so many details that only the production method "printing" allows.
  • Furthermore, the proportions of the design are checked. The Heaven's Plate has fix diameters and also for the compass (Heaven's Pool) there are standard dimensions that must be respected.
  • The desired colors and font types will be reviewed and suggestions for changes will be made if necessary.


Phase 3: Quotation


  • In the quote you will find all costs for the production of your Luopan, all special costs for logo stickers or engraved brass plates, as well as costs for the color of the Earth Plate if it is not desired in the standard red color, etc.
  • Of course you will also find the payment and delivery terms
  • We also show the cost of packing and freight in the quotation. The cost of import sales tax and customs duty is not included in the quote, because you need to pay these amounts directly in your country.


Phase 4: Down Payment and first Design Transition


  • If you are satisfied with the offer, you pay 30% of the total amount as a deposit. The remaining 70% are due when your Luopan are produced and ready for delivery.
  • After the deposit is received in our account, the internal processes will begin and your design will be transferred to our production program as the first draft.
  • After 8 to 10 days you will receive the first design from our production program as a JPG file for review and approval.
  • If you have any change requests, we will be happy to adjust them in our program and provide you with a corrected version.
  • As soon as you are satisfied with the draft, you should sign on it and send us the scan. This is then the formal release for production.


Luopan production FORMOSA ART

Phase 5: Production


  • As described in Phase 2, the Heaven's Plate is either punched or printed.
  • After punching, the colors are applied by hand. In this production method, the poly protection is optional, but recommended
  • In the case of the printing production method, each color is printed separately. This significantly lengthens the production process compared to the previous method.
  • When a Luopan is printed, the epoxy protection is mandatory by default, because in this method the very fine lines and characters need to be protected.
  • Already at the beginning of the production you will receive the scheduled date for the completion of your Luopan.


Luopan production FORMOSA ART

Phase 6: Shipping


  • As soon as your Luopan are ready for shipping, the remaining 70% are due. The shipment will take place immediately after the money is credited to our account.
  • We only work with professional shipping companies that deliver reliably even during the current corona situation.



During the whole process you will be accompanied and advised by us.



Realizing a new Luopan design is a complex process. Through our experience as a leading Luopan manufacturer in Taiwan, we are able to structure this process clearly and make it as simple as possible for you.


But there are certainly details to discuss. Contact us: