Jin Peh

Master Dr. Jin Peh

About Dr. Jin Peh


Chinese Metaphysics Specialist and Author


Having more than two decades of experience in the field of Chinese Metaphysics, Dr. Jin Peh is acknowledged in his industry as one of its leading experts and is regularly invited to speak at international conferences about Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui.


Jin grew up in Singapore before moving to Australia as a teenager. He completed his medical training in Perth, Western Australia before studying Broadcasting Journalism. Jin then embarked on a two-year internship with a prominent Feng Shui master in Taiwan. From 2005 to 2011, he was the Feng Shui columnist for the South China Morning Post, the leading English newspaper in Hong Kong.


Jin’s day-to-day activities include teaching classes and consulting with clients in person and on Zoom to clients and students spread across four continents: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Germany, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. He also researches and writes groundbreaking books in English about Chinese Astrology on material that has only been previously been available in Chinese.


Having moved to Dubai in 2004, Jin has authored 11 books, all of which have been written in the United Arab Emirates. His first book was Feng Shui: A Hong Kong Perspective (2010), a collection of his feng shui columns. It was reissued in 2020 as Practical Feng Shui Tips. Jin has also co-written three books with his teacher, Dr. Lily Chung: Discover Your Code to Success (2013), Finding Your Life Partner (2014) and Your Life Numbers and Hexagrams from the I Ching (2015). His other books include the Exploring Charts series: Water (2016), Metal (2017), Fire (2018), Wood (2019) and Earth (2020). Jin’s most recent books are Exploring the 60 Personalities (2020) and Introducing the 600 Life Paths (2021).


In 2018, Discover Your Code to Success was translated into Russian and has sold more than 10 000 copies. In November 2021, Exploring the 60 Personalities was published in Russian.



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Practical Feng Shui Tips: For 2020 and Beyond




How can I understand Feng Shui and apply it in my life? This is a collection of 288 columns written for the South China Morning Post, the major English newspaper in Hong Kong. Initially published in the Sunday magazine, the columns introduced Feng Shui concepts and principles to readers in less than 250 words every week. Emphasis was placed on leaving readers with practical pointers that they could use in their life. The book has now been completely updated for 2020 and beyond.


Divided into 17 chapters, the columns cover a range of Feng Shui related topics such as the Bedroom, Decorations and Symbols, Doors and Windows, Exteriors, Internal Shapes and Structures, Mirrors and the Office and Work. There are also chapters on Date Selection, Feng Shui Calculations, Feng Shui Theory, Festivals, Chinese Names and Chinese Astrology. This book is for anyone who wants to understand Feng Shui better without any prior knowledge or background. It introduces Feng Shui to everyone.