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Lynda Cook, Classical Feng Shui Consultant
Lynda Cook, Classical Feng Shui Consultant

Having started my Feng Shui adventure in 1998 I studied first with Grand Master Lillian Too before delving into the classics. The classics of Feng Shui that is; with Dato Joey Yap of Mastery Academy based in Malaysia. I conduct classical Feng Shui consultations using BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny) and Date Selection to personalise the results for each individual client.

Lynda Cook


February 3, 2016

             Feng Shui in the Modern World

                            by Lynda Cook (FS8M)


"Always pass on what you have learned"

 - Yoda 

In our increasingly urban world is Feng Shui (translated as 'Wind' and 'Water) still relevant? Is this ancient science really standing the test of time? Let's take a look and see where this takes us.


Feng Shui is about the flow and quality of Qi. It is about harnessing the positive (slow moving and harmonious) and deflecting the negative (fast moving and aggressive) Qi in our environment. It is influenced by everything it comes into contact with whether that be mountains and water or buildings and people.


We all have a sixth sense. Sometimes we 'feel' when a person is comfortable or uncomfortable to be around and we react accordingly. Sometimes we 'feel' a building is welcoming or it can make us feel uncomfortable. That is our selves reacting to the energetic field; the Qi that is present everywhere.


So how important can Feng Shui possibly be to us in the 21st Century? Can our modern lives really benefit from utilising the centuries old knowledge of Feng Shui? Of course they can!


Thanks to the things we take for granted in today's society such as international travel, the world wide web and mobile connectivity Feng Shui has made its way into the western world influencing our living and working environments on its journey. This didn't happen by chance. It is obviously something we needed to be made aware of. As a result it has become more and more relevant to the way we live our lives. We are being influenced by its appeal and by the tantalising possibility of improving our way of life through its practice. The environment in which we live and work exerts a major influence on our situation so it makes sense to be in a place that attracts what we require to bring us health, wealth and happiness.


One thing to remember is a combination of the environment and the human element determines an outcome. Heaven influences Earth (as above so below) which in turn influences Man and they are all part of the bigger picture which attracts good or bad results.


The very best time to utilise Feng Shui for maximum benefit is at the design stage. This means an individual house can be built to face the most auspicious direction for the residents based on their desired outcome. This means an office building designed both outside and in to benefit the company and the nature of its business. Apartment buildings designed and built to attract an increasingly expanding community.


Lately Feng Shui has begun to have a huge impact around the world on the way new housing developments, apartment buildings and business premises are designed and located. There are even whole towns now being designed to Feng Shui principles.


One thing to remember is that multi storey buildings such as apartment and office blocks will have good or great Feng Shui. However until they are occupied they will not have the influence of residents or work force so the story does not end there.


Each person/s occupying a property has their own blueprint and this will impact on their environment. So moving into a property with great Feng Shui does not mean their Feng Shui experience will be equally great. An individual together with their dreams and desires has their own a set of parameters requiring Feng Shui analysis to bring out the best in their lives. Therefore before choosing an apartment or office suite the services of a Feng Shui Consultant can help select the one most in balance and harmony with the occupants. Win-win situation all round.


November 19, 2014


                            by Lynda Cook (FS8M)

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Lao Tzu (604 BC-531 BC)  

The purpose of Feng Shui is to bring balance and harmony into your living, working space and into your life. There are different ways of achieving this using various formulas and methods. A consultant applies many techniques to achieve the end result however you can begin by taking small steps to make changes in your home or office personalised for you.


When practising modern or symbolic Feng Shui you can use generic locations or focus on what is specific to you. Each person has a Gua number. These numbers belong to either West Group or East Group. This number is determined from your year of birth. Once you know your Gua number you will also discover four good and four bad directions* applicable to that number. This is a system known as Personal Eight Mansions.

Your home has four good and four bad locations*. This is known as Home Eight Mansions and allows you to identify whether you and your home belong to the same East or West Group, whether you are in harmony. This system is based on the sitting direction of your property.

West Group Gua are 2, 6, 7 and 8 and their directions are Southwest, West, Northwest and Northeast. East Group Gua are 1, 3, 4 and 9 and their directions are North, East, Southeast and South.

The number 5 is treated a little differently. It belongs to West Group yet is not used as a Gua number. Males with this number use Gua 2 and females use Gua 8. All three numbers belong to the element of Earth.

The Five Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are translated to numbers, locations, colours and much more. Gua numbers 3 and 4 are Wood and the colour green; 9 is Fire and the colours red and orange; 2 and 8 are Earth and the colours yellow and ochre; 6 and 7 are Metal and the colours gold and white; 1 is Water and the colours blue and black.

Knowing the elements and colours you have a natural affinity with allows you to design and arrange your living space to bring you in harmony with the Qi (energy) in your environment.


Qi flow is all important and should always be taken into account when placing your furniture and any decorative items.


Time also plays a vital role in good Feng Shui but that is a story for another time.



*It is important to remember that Personal Eight Mansions identifies directions and Home Eight Mansions identifies locations. This allows you to choose which location to spend time in and at the same time face a direction auspicious for you.


To discover more read these articles and if you want to find your personal Gua number this is how.


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