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February 27, 2015

Ms. Feng Shui, Jessie Kim, is a 3rd generation professional Feng Shui expert. Her firm primarily works with home builders looking to develop communities that are consistently supportive to health, good luck, and well-being for their residents.


Ms. Feng Shui also provides consulting services to individuals and businesses looking to create a relaxing and harmonizing energy for their home or office to increase productivity, communication, health, wealth, fertility, and improve relationships with their family members or customers.


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Jessie Kim

Feng Shui for Hotels & Resorts

                  How Can Feng Shui Make a Hotel Great?

                       by Jessie Kim


Hotels & resorts, much like restaurants, are most successful when they have a positive energy upon entering.  Here are a few tips to ensure your guests keep coming back:


  • The entrance should be harmonious and balanced, which makes people feel safe and welcome.
  • The reception desk should not be located under a beam or in an area where the ceiling lowers.
  • Bathrooms should be as far as possible from the front entrance.
  • Keep each floor level, without rising and falling.
  • Staircases cannot be avoided, but it is best to have them turn clockwise rather than counter-clockwise.
  • Water features, such as fountains and pools, are best in front of the resort when possible.
  • Toilets should be hidden out of view from each room.  If possible, it should be separated from the sink by its own door.
  • As with anyplace in Feng Shui, keep the hotel clean and organized.  Keep dumpsters hidden and trash cans shiny and bright.

As a Feng Shui expert and real estate investor myself, I provide Feng Shui services to Fortune 500 real estate developers, home builders, hotel chains and architectural firms (see recent projects).


I can help your hotel, big or boutique, create harmony and balance in your property.


Ms. Feng Shui, Jessie Kim: www.MsFengShui.com