Howard Choy's Luopan by FORMOSA Art

Howard Choy's Luopan

Howard Choy Luopan by FORMOSA Art

Howard Choy

Howard Choy, Feng Shui Master and architect, brought his Luopan to the next level

This combined Luopan is designed for my students and arranged especially for the Feng Shui methodologies that I teach in my Professional Practitioners Training Course. They included the following, reading the rings from the centre outward:


  1. "Longmen Baju" or the "Eights of Dragon Gates", which is also known as the "Early and Later Heaven Water Method".
  2. "Xuan Kong Feixing", commonly know as "Flying Stars" with its replacement numbers to construct a replacement star chart as well as a normal chart.
  3. Date selection for construction using the 24 Solar Terms, as well as locating their directions.
  4. The San He Water Methods using the 12 Earthly Branches.
  5. Locating the Tai Sui or the Grand Duke for each year with the 12 Zodiac Animals.
  6. The "Bazhai Pai" or the "Eight Mansions" School of Feng Shui. With this Luopan it is possible to locate the 8 Wandering Qi directly on site.
  7. Xuan Kong Da Gua School of Feng Shui, allowing for the location of the Coming Dragon, the Going Water of a potential site and the Sitting and Facing of a house or tomb.
  8. One can also do Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection with this Luopan.

This Luopan is suitable for most beginners and is more than adequate for most on-site consultations using the methodologies mentioned earlier. A Luopan is a very delicate instrument, so please store it in a proper way between usage.


Howard Choy's Luopan HC-188 and AHC-188 produced by Formosa-Art

 Classic Luopan HC-188             Acryl Liji ruler AHC-188

Item: Classic Luopan
Item-No.: HC-188
Size: 18.8 x 18.8 cm
Price with Poly Gloss: 375 US$*
Item: Acryl Liji Ruler
Item-No.: AHC-188
Size: 18.8 x 18.8 cm
Price: 35 US$*

* all prices are without freight.

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Remark: The Liji Ruler can only be ordered together with the Luopan.

Howard Choy's Luopan mit Tasche von FORMOSA Art


  • The Luopan and all components are Made in Taiwan
  • The Earth Plate of the Luopan is covered by red piano laquere
  • The Heavan Dial is protected by Poly Gloss (Epoxid)
  • The Acryl Liji ruler is printed on the underside to protect the color
Design by Howard Choy produced by Formosa Art

Rings of HC-188 designed by Howard Choy - distributed by FORMOSA ART

Watch the short video introduction of the Luopan