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Immediate Past President – Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences

Feng Shui Consultant, Speaker, Coach & Author


Prof Joe Choo is the immediate past President of the Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences (“MINGS”).


She has a very diversed and illustrious career ranging from corporate services to marketing and now as a very passionate Feng Shui consultant, author, speaker and coach,. She was awarded a Professorship by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. She is currently retained by a number of notable companies in Malaysia, as well as consultant to various development projects. Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre had retained her since 2008 until 2016; she is engaged by Universal Music to look into the Feng Shui for their offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia; CDL Development company from Singapore has appointed her to do Feng Shui for their office in Shanghai and many more.


Apart from Malaysian Feng Shui, Prof Joe does research on Feng Shui of cities in England, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and etc and she contributes her researched articles to creditable daily in Malaysia. Besides she is a frequent guest to television stations in Malaysia and abroad to share her knowledge with the public.


In Malaysia, she had conducted classes for the Institute of Architect Malaysia (“PAM”), Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (“MIEA”). She is frequently invited by Banks such as CIMB, RHB, UOB and others; other organizations as speaker on Feng Shui for their clients and customers. She was guest speaker at the FIABCI (French Federation of Estate Agents and Property Developers) in the last Asia Pacific Summit held in Kuala Lumpur. She is a season speaker for Star Property shows held in Penang, Kuala Lumpur an Johor Bahru, besides she is invited by reputable developer such as EcoWorld, Mah Sing, Titijaya, Sime Darby Brunsfield, Tropicana to share her knowledge on Feng Shui and the yearly outlook. As the latest she is invited to be one of the panel judges for the 2016 Star Property Awards.


Besides giving talks within the country, she has been engaged by Asian Bankers Club from Hong Kong to share her forecast and knowledge since 2013 in Hong Kong and Singapore. CSL(Singapore) Financial House with international reputation engaged her for the yearly customer lunch to share the insight of the coming year consecutively since 2013.


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November 22, 2018

Home Feng Shui Tips for Young Couples to Improve Romance

by Professor Joe

Article by Prof Joe "Home Feng Shui Tips for Young Couples to Improve Romance

When two individuals decide to bring their relationship to the next level which is to get married, settling down and share the same living space called home. Home is where the heart belongs to and our sanctuary, especially the young couples.

It is very important for young couples to build a solid foundation in their early stage of family life in order to have a loving and long lasting marriage.

There are many ways to improve the romance of young couples, such as good communication between husband and wife, sharing the same hobby and others; but not many aware that Feng Shui does help to improve the romance of the young couple

Main Entrance of House/Condominium Unit

Article by Prof Joe "Main Entrance of House"

Main entrance of a house or condominium unit is the opening that all the family members and visitors use to go in and out, energy from outside the house is being brought in during the process of this action. Therefore main entrance is considered as the most important segment of a house. For condominium, the main entrance shall be the unit door but not the balcony.


The point of reference for the location of the main entrance is the Gua number of the eldest earning male of the family, so that is the husband in this case. To improve the romance of a young couple, the most effective factor is having the door located in the harmony sector, the sector varies according to Gua number. Below is the chart of the harmony and other good sectors for each of the Gua number.


To define the location of the main entrance, firstly is to find the centre point of the house/condominium unit. Then stand at the centre point with a compass to find out the location of the main entrance.


Master Bedroom

What if the main entrance doesn’t fall into the harmony sector based on the Gua number of the husband but other good sectors? It is considered alright, then we can apply it on the location of the master bedroom; but the point of reference is the lady of the house.

Again stand at the centre of a house/condominium unit to find out whether the master bedroom falls into the harmony sector or not. If it is then we can go further by standing in the centre of the master bedroom, ensure that the bed is placed at the harmony sector of the wife.


Article by Prof Joe "Master Bedroom"

In the olden days, we never had toilet or bathroom in the house but outside the house. Then we moved the toilet or bathroom closer and closer, it ends up in the bedroom. Therefore we have to avoid the door of the toilet or bathroom hitting the bed.

It is very common to have overhead beam in master bedroom, so avoid placing the bed under the overhead beam which is exerting negative energy. A couple is absorbing the negative energy while sleeping under the overhead beam, these negative energy may cause nightmare or bad quality sleep. When the couple is not having quality sleep, then they start to be temperamental to each other.


Article by Prof. Joe "Kitchen"

In Feng Shui, kitchen is an essential segment we use to create wealth and minimize quarrel within family, this sector is based on the Gua number of the wife and it can be fall into any of the good sectors(please refer to the chart above).

In the kitchen, the essential items are stove, sink, fridge, oven and other electrical appliances. It is best to place them according to the good sectors based on the Gua number of the lady of the house.

Whenever you want to find out the location of certain placement in the house, the right way to do is standing at the centre point of a space. Stand at the centre of the kitchen, then define the good sector accordingly.


It is very common for most of the household to have the stove and sink opposite to each other for the convenience, but it very bad in term of Feng Shui. In the kitchen we shouldn’t place the stove and sink either opposite or next to each other, otherwise it encourages to have quarrels regularly.

De-cluttering the house

The front entrance should be free of obstruction, ensure shoes are neatly arranged or keep within a shoe cabinet.

If the hobby of either one of the young couple like to collect or refuse to get rid of sentimental items, is this good in term of Feng Shui to improve the romance? It is not if there are too much in the house because these items are considered as non-living items which producing decaying energy.

If you would like to keep them, ensure that you keep them neatly in a cabinet and avoid placing the cabinet at the harmony sector of the couple.

Article by Professor Joe "De-Cluttering the house"

In conclusion, as much as we want to have a perfect relationship with the other half, remember to stay positive and take affirmation action to ensure to have a positive result in life.