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Feng Shui Consultant, Speaker, Coach & Author

Five Elements Mastery

Prof. Joe Choo has a very diversed and illustrious career ranging from corporate services to marketing and now as a very passionate Feng Shui consultant, author, speaker and coach,. She was awarded a Professorship by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. She is currently retained by a number of notable companies in Malaysia, as well as consultant to various development projects. Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre had retained her since 2008 until 2016; she is engaged by Universal Music to look into the Feng Shui for their offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia; CDL Development company from Singapore has appointed her to do Feng Shui for their office in Shanghai and many more.


Apart from Malaysian Feng Shui, Prof Joe does research on Feng Shui of cities in England, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and etc and she contributes her researched articles to creditable daily in Malaysia. Besides she is a frequent guest to television stations in Malaysia and abroad to share her knowledge with the public.


In Malaysia, she had conducted classes for the Institute of Architect Malaysia (“PAM”), Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (“MIEA”). She is frequently invited by Banks such as CIMB, RHB, UOB and others; other organizations as speaker on Feng Shui for their clients and customers. She was guest speaker at the FIABCI (French Federation of Estate Agents and Property Developers) in the last Asia Pacific Summit held in Kuala Lumpur. She is a season speaker for Star Property shows held in Penang, Kuala Lumpur an Johor Bahru, besides she is invited by reputable developer such as EcoWorld, Mah Sing, Titijaya, Sime Darby Brunsfield, Tropicana to share her knowledge on Feng Shui and the yearly outlook. As the latest she is invited to be one of the panel judges for the 2016 Star Property Awards.


Besides giving talks within the country, she has been engaged by Asian Bankers Club from Hong Kong to share her forecast and knowledge since 2013 in Hong Kong and Singapore. CSL(Singapore) Financial House with international reputation engaged her for the yearly customer lunch to share the insight of the coming year consecutively since 2013.


Howard Choy Founder of FengShuiCollege.ORG

Howard Choy

Principal of ECOFS

In European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS), we aim to produce students and practitioners who are not only practically efficient but also classically correct. By being classically correct, we mean the sources of our teaching materials all came from the Chinese Feng Shui classics and we use them as our starting point to explore the theories and the practice of Feng Shui.


We have a healthy respect for the written words of the past but we do not follow the classics blindly, for as Zhuangzi said it once, reading the books of sages who are no longer with us is like looking at the drudges of dead men. We try to make the classical text come alive and use the past to serve the present instead.


Being Feng Shui architects, we have a spatial design orientated approach to Feng Shui and we teach in a practical, efficient and down-to-earth manner with the learning of the classical theories always supported by case studies and practical on-site applications in a modern environment.


We prefer face-to-face teaching in an intimate atmosphere, where the individual progress of a student is of primary concern to us. We truly believe that the future of Feng Shui as a profession depends on the quality of the students a teaching institution like ours can produce. Therefore we will try our hardest to bring out the best qualities in each one of the students who will attend our courses.



This we promise, and will deliver.


Manu Butterworth Founder of Golden Gate Feng Shui School

Manu Butterworth

Founder and Director of Golden Gate School of Feng Shui School

GGFSS is one of the leading schools of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui in the country. For over 10 years students from around the world have chosen this academy for its internationally renowned faculty members and a curriculum designed to illuminate the depth of this field.


By offering a strong foundation in the historical context and philosophical underpinnings of Feng Shui, our students are able to understand its application and practice in an integrated manner. Elegantly simple and technically intricate, Feng Shui can be approached from a range of depths. Our curriculum offers students the opportunity to study at any level.

Willkommen in der Welt des Feng Shui

In unserer heutigen schnelllebigen Zeit ist eine harmonische und inspirierende Umgebung wichtig wie nie zuvor. Feng Shui, die chinesische Lehre der Harmonie, schafft ein gesundes Raumklima und Feng Shui Berater sind gefragter denn je. Die Internationale Feng Shui Akademie ist die einzige Schule in Deutschland, die nach den Prinzipien des “Yuen Hom Da Gua” lehrt und arbeitet. Diese Methode ermöglicht sehr differenzierte und komplexe Analysen.

Master Mark Sakautzky

Die beiden Gründer der Schule – Master Nicole Finkeldei und Master Mark Sakautzky – wurden viele Jahre in dieser Technik unterwiesen. Ihr weitreichendes Feng Shui Wissen sowie langjährige Erfahrung bilden die Grundlage für einzigartige und umfassende Ausbildungen, Seminare und Beratungen.


Master Nicole Finkeldei

Welcome to Shi Cai Tang Feng Shui School



Choi Ka

International Feng Shui Expert

Shi Cai Tang Feng Shui School is an online Feng Shui school


In our school, we offer different types of self-study certification Feng Shui courses for those who do not have time to attend full-time courses or do not have the finances to pay a large amount of training fees to learn traditional Chinese Feng Shui.


The course material is well-designed, specific, relevant, systematic, and up-to-date. Our courses guide you step-by-step learning Feng Shui, from the beginner to the professional.


We also offer a free consultation to you to ask Feng Shui questions, so as to help you to become Feng Shui practitioners and have the confidence, without hesitation, to provide Feng Shui consultation to their clients.


After finishing the study of each level of Feng Shui course, we will issue the graduation certificate to you. Furthermore, we will give Feng Shui Ebooks for you as a bonus, to encourage them to use Feng Shui in their daily lives and enjoy the application of Feng Shui principles.


As you know our mission is to let people from all over the world have an opportunity to learn top Chinese Feng Shui, therefore, we assure you that our courses are charged at a reasonable price and you can afford to pay for becoming Feng Shui practitioners. We regularly offer a special discount program for you to take Feng Shui courses.


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Barbara Czok, Feng Shui Beraterin

Barbara Czok,

Feng Shui Beraterin

Feng Shui. Mit der Energie.

Alles, was uns umgibt, hat eine eigene Wirkung. Bewusst oder unbewusst spüren wir, ob diese angenehm oder unangenehm, erfrischend oder ermüdend, beruhigend oder anregend ist.


Feng Shui nutzt die Energie der Umgebung und lenkt sie so, dass sie uns nährt und stärkt.


Eine Feng Shui Beratung kann Sie dabei unterstützen, ein kraftvolles Umfeld zu schaffen, welches ein gesundes Leben, intakte Beziehungen und berufliches Vorankommen fördert.


Gerne begleite ich Sie sowohl in Ihren privaten als auch in Ihren Büro- oder gewerblichen Räumen.

Gabriele Fröhlich, Expertin im Bereich Business Feng Shui und Geomantie

Gabriele Fröhlich,

Expertin im Bereich Business Feng Shui und Geomantie

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RaumKraft - kraftvolle Räume - kraftvolle Menschen


Seit mehr als 15 Jahren beschäftigt sich Gabriele Fröhlich mit nonverbaler Kommunikation von Räumen und Menschen. Ihr ganzheitliches Wissen hat Sie bei verschiedenen Meistern und Lehrern im In- und Ausland erworben. Zu Ihren Kunden gehören führende Dax- und M-Dax Unternehmen, aber auch mittelständischesche Firmen, die nicht nur den Erfolg Ihres Unternehmens optimieren möchten, sondern auch die Gesundheit der Mitarbeiter erhalten und fördern. Besondere Erfahrungen hat Sie im Bereich Umsatzgenerierung am Point of Sales.


Gabriele Fröhlich ist Expertin im Bereich Business Feng Shui und Geomantie. Seit 7 Jahren trainiert Sie Mitarbeiter und Führungskräfte zum Thema Körpersprache, Mimik und Entspannung. In 2012 erschien Ihr Hörbuch "INVEST5-minutes - die ultimative und messbare Schnellentspannung im Alltag und am Arbeitsplatz". Ihr Expertenwissen vermittelt Sie auch gerne in Vorträgen und Impulsworkshops.