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Grandmaster Dr. Stephen Skinner

Grand Master

Dr. Stephen Skinner

GM Dr. Stephen Skinner


Dr. Stephen Skinner took his degree in English Literature and Geography at Sydney University. Initially he worked as a Geography lecturer. Research in Hong Kong lead in 1976 to Stephen writing the first English book on feng shui written in the 20th century, the Living Earth Manual of Feng Shui. This book first brought feng shui to the attention of the Western world.


When Western interest in feng shui began to be noticeable in the 1980s, Stephen produced Feng Shui: the Traditional Oriental Way which became an instant best seller.


In 1998 he launched the Feng Shui for Modern Living monthly magazine, whose first issue sold 121,000 copies, more than either Elle Décor or Wallpaper magazines in the UK. In 1999 he was nominated as PPA ‘Publisher of the Year’ for his work in launching this magazine. This magazine helped popularize feng shui round the world, and it was distributed in 41 countries. He even produced a Chinese language edition in Taipei which ran successfully for 34 issues.


In the same year he launched the ‘London International Feng Shui Conference,’ the largest feng shui conference ever held in UK/Europe, then or since, with 700 attendees and four simultaneous lecture theatres. The following year Stephen gave one of the three Doyle lectures in New York, sharing the bill with Martha Stewart Living and Country Living magazines.


In 1999 he was honoured for his contributions to traditional Chinese culture, by being invited to Manila in the Philippines for the official celebrations of Chinese New Year, as the guest of the Mayors of both Manila and Makati.


In 2004 he was part of the Committee, along with Masters Tan Koon Yong, Yap Cheng Hai, Vincent Koh and Raymond Lo that founded the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) in Singapore. He has since lectured at a number of their feng shui Conventions.


Stephen has published more than a dozen books on feng shui, including Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui, K.I.S.S. Guide to Feng Shui Compass, Feng Shui the Traditional Oriental Way, Practical Makeovers, Feng Shui Before & After, and the beautiful Feng Shui Style.


He has also published four translations of feng shui classics: The Water Dragon, The Original Eight Mansions Formula, The Key San He Feng Shui Formulas, and The Mountain Dragon.


In October 2015 the title of Grand Master was conferred on Stephen at the 12th Annual Convention of the International Feng Shui Association in Shanghai. Stephen Skinner is the author of over 46 books, translated into more than 20 different languages. He lives in London, where he researches, writes and does feng shui consultation.


Dr. Jin Peh

Dr. Jin Peh

Doctor Jin Peh

Chinese Metaphysics Specialist and Author


Having more than two decades of experience in the field of Chinese Metaphysics, Dr. Jin Peh is acknowledged in his industry as one of its leading experts and is regularly invited to speak at international conferences about Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui.


Jin grew up in Singapore before moving to Australia as a teenager. He completed his medical training in Perth, Western Australia before studying Broadcasting Journalism. Jin then embarked on a two-year internship with a prominent Feng Shui master in Taiwan. From 2005 to 2011, he was the Feng Shui columnist for the South China Morning Post, the leading English newspaper in Hong Kong.


Jin’s day-to-day activities include teaching classes and consulting with clients in person and on Zoom to clients and students spread across four continents: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Germany, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. He also researches and writes groundbreaking books in English about Chinese Astrology on material that has only been previously been available in Chinese.


Having moved to Dubai in 2004, Jin has authored 11 books, all of which have been written in the United Arab Emirates. His first book was Feng Shui: A Hong Kong Perspective (2010), a collection of his feng shui columns. It was reissued in 2020 as Practical Feng Shui Tips. Jin has also co-written three books with his teacher, Dr. Lily Chung: Discover Your Code to Success (2013), Finding Your Life Partner (2014) and Your Life Numbers and Hexagrams from the I Ching (2015). His other books include the Exploring Charts series: Water (2016), Metal (2017), Fire (2018), Wood (2019) and Earth (2020). Jin’s most recent books are Exploring the 60 Personalities (2020) and Introducing the 600 Life Paths (2021).


In 2018, Discover Your Code to Success was translated into Russian and has sold more than 10 000 copies. In November 2021, Exploring the 60 Personalities was published in Russian.


Sherry Merchant

Sherry Merchant

Sherry Merchant


Sherry Merchant creates better lives with Chinese Metaphysics. Scheherazade or Sherry as she is also called, practiced Interior Design for the first 18 years of her working life. Along the way, she discovered a distinct pattern of change in the quality of peoples’ lives, once their premises had been renovated or they shifted into new premises, and wanted to find what this greater unseen influencing force was.


Curiosity got the better of her and she discovered that this was an actual study in many cultures, and finally tracked down various disciplines including Vaastu and Feng Shui.


She then, just by chance, came across a course being taught by Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and attended it and through him, her primary source of influence and learning, Joey Yap. This was in 2000 and it was a life changing experience for her. From this point on, her Interior Design business was handed over to her associates and she turned totally towards the study of Chinese Metaphysics and from this point on there was no looking back.


Sherry is qualified in many disciplines of Chinese Metaphysics, ranging from the Chinese Astrology method of BaZi to Feng Shui, Yi Jing and the more sophisticated Xuan Kong Da Gua and now Qi Men Dun Jia.


She is well known for her extensive knowledge base combined with a remarkable photographic memory and deeply intuitive judgement. She uses her academic knowledge along with these other factors, to make a complete educated assessment of her client’s issues. This spectacular combination has led to her recognition as a well-respected and internationally renowned Feng Shui consultant.


She has lent her expertise to residences, offices, factories, airlines, banks, property developments and schools. Her client base, though confidential, covers professionals, celebrities, powerful business barons and everyday people. She consults both in India and abroad and her practice has taken her to almost every continent in the world.


Working with architects forms a significant part of her practice, as she does not obstruct their plans with ridiculous demands, but merely aids the process and helps them to make it smoother. Having been an interior designer increases her knowledge and understanding of the business and being part of a family of property developers also gives her a good understanding of the rules and zoning laws required to give solutions that are compliant with the laws of the land and helps the smooth flow of events.


Since 2012, in an effort to share her professional and academic experiences, Sherry has been holding her own professional workshops to train students for a career in Chinese Metaphysics. She is a well sought out teacher and has taught in many countries and continues to do so regularly.


Most recently, she has created a concise suite of home study workshops available online where selected courses she has taught have been video graphed and presented as e-learning experiences.


A habitual blogger, she regularly shares her experiences on social media, bringing her fascinating Feng Shui world to her band of followers comprising of students, colleagues, friends and Feng Shui enthusiasts of all levels. She writes on travel, food and of course her first love, Feng Shui.


Sherry travels extensively, but never neglects her clients and students, hence has a team in place to assist you and connect you to her while she is away. This way, there is a seamless interaction with you, regardless which part of the world she is in, as she is regularly in touch with her office on a daily basis, even while away.


URL Perry Burton FengShuiGoldCoast
Master Perrie Burton

Master Perrie Burton

Master Perrie Burton


With all my other interests I eventually reach a point of overload but this has never been the case with Feng Shui – I find that even after a busy day working I’m never too tired to read about Feng Shui often late into the night.

I put this down to a passion which goes a long way back to when I actually didn’t know it was Feng Shui. As a little girl I was fascinated with my neighborhood and the homes in it.


The way most of the families were distinctly different even if the only difference was that they lived on one side or the other of the road.

I would find myself evaluating (even at a very young age) each time I visited my friends. Some of the homes were warm and welcoming with beautiful smells, the families were caring and their children (my friends) did well at school. On the other hand there were homes where the parents worked almost all the time. Their homes felt in-need of love, filled with fear, arguments and at times even violence.


Our home was neither one nor the other, overflowing with books, music and food, yet we lived happily and humbly. Years later it all made a sense to me as I realized that the Feng Shui and the lay of the land of my small community had so much to do with it. Some of our neighbors lived near the river while some were facing an old cemetery and some of us were on the other side of the hill.


Today I’m still curious and find myself carrying my compass with me, like a detective taking a compass reading on a house that is up for sale. Wanting to know why is this home for sale?

… my trusted Lou-pan (compass) tells a story most of the time.


Is it upgrading due to good prosperity?

Is it disagreements and arguments?

Or is it a marriage break up?


Nowadays my aim is to encourage my students and clients to be conscious of the energies around them and how these make them feel. OUR feelings in our homes are the symptoms that tell the story of what is the energy like in our space, Feng Shui is the way of diagnosing and prescribing treatment…for our homes and business…


it’s that simple…


I have been very lucky in my life to cross paths with many Feng Shui teachers, their generosity with time & sharing their knowledge has been inspiring.


My most respected teacher is the esteemed Classical Feng Shui Master Joseph Yu. Sitting in the front row of his class and hearing him explain formula’s thousands of years old , I came to realization that Classical Feng Shui cannot be absorbed even from the best books on the subject. A serious student of Classical Feng Shui should at least once in their lifetime spend some time learning from and in the presence of a true Classical Feng Shui Master like Joseph Yu.


My Feng Shui studies have taken me to different parts of the world like


Hong Kong,







and Indonesia Bali to learn the Balinese’s sacred relationship with their land. I love the Balinese ancient wisdom, the architecture and the culture so much that in 2015, I facilitated my first Bali retreat, I now run annual Retreats to Bali for Feng Shui , Yoga, Space Blessing Retreat and cultural exploration.


I have been fortunate to attend a Feng Shui Conference on Architecture and Building Design in Hong Kong where I met many Masters and teaches and was fortunate to meet and see Grand Master Raymond Lo who I also admire.


I look forward to continuing the study of Feng Shui for the rest of my life and sharing my knowledge.


After couple of years as the Association of Feng Shui Consultants (AFSC) Education Coordinator,


I’m proud to say that I served as a President for 2015/2016/2017/2018 and 2019 for the AFSC Association of Feng Shui Consultants International,


Being a Classical Feng Shui Consultant is incredibly rewarding but also comes with a lot of responsibility, and I appreciate that.


The complexities of this Ancient Study have made a great transformation in my personal life as well as the lives of my students and clients.


Wishing you all harmonious living with Feng Shui.


Master Perrie Burton


The School

Feng Shui, I Ching, Bazi, Five Arts


The Feng Shui Academy is a center for excellence in the field of Feng Shui, I Ching, Bazi and Oriental Astrology. With over 25 years of experience and existence, we have accredited hundreds of successful Feng Shui Consultants. All our courses are developed after extensive consultation with the best Grand Masters of the various branches and schools of Far Eastern Metaphysics.


You will gain unparalleled skills when you study with us in the Feng Shui Academy. Our programs have the best theoretical foundation in order to give the students useful, clear and powerful practical applications. Each course is fully accredited and carries its own level of certification. Classes are taught through lectures with supplementary workbooks and case study material.


We have programs from beginner to advance level. You can study with us one hour or ten years. All courses have a specific syllabus and are divided into modules. With over 300 hours training, our diploma course in Feng Shui is the most complete in the market. The wide curriculum is there to ensure that students not only fully understand the subject but are also exposed to varied, cross discipline modes of knowledge.


The Feng Shui Academy blends ancient knowledge with modern teaching and learning methods. The Academy has offices, the “House of Feng Shui”, a dwelling with superbly designed with 4 classrooms, dedicated cooking school and consultation room from where we teach our face to face courses. We use and take advantage of modern technology to teach worldwide through video conference programs. We aims to create a global education community in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Master João Borges

Feng Shui, I Ching & Bazi


João is a Feng Shui Consultant and teacher with 30 years experience in the field. He studied extensively first modern Feng Shui and then classical Feng Shui from various masters. He currently specializes in Xuan Kong Flying Star, 64 Hexagrams & Date Selection. Having a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering he enjoys to be involved in the design of buildings from the beginning to maximize the potential of auspicious qi and bring in long-lasting prosperity, health and wealth to a business, family or individual.

Joao is a student of Master Francis Leyau and also one of the rare practitioners to have knowledge of yin zhai in the West (Feng Shui for graves). Other areas of interest include the study of the I Ching and Bazi. He runs the National Portuguese School of Feng Shui since 1997, one of the largest and oldest schools in Europe. He is also president of the Portuguese Feng Shui Association and a member of the Feng Shui Society Executivel. He has a selected list of Feng Shui clients in Europe and Asia and travels internationally to teach and lecture. He is the author of "The Great Book of the I Ching".




Phone:+351 911 860 618

Howard Choy Founder of FengShuiCollege.ORG

Grand Master

Howard Choy

Principal of ECOFS

In European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS), we aim to produce students and practitioners who are not only practically efficient but also classically correct. By being classically correct, we mean the sources of our teaching materials all came from the Chinese Feng Shui classics and we use them as our starting point to explore the theories and the practice of Feng Shui.


We have a healthy respect for the written words of the past but we do not follow the classics blindly, for as Zhuangzi said it once, reading the books of sages who are no longer with us is like looking at the drudges of dead men. We try to make the classical text come alive and use the past to serve the present instead.


Being Feng Shui architects, we have a spatial design orientated approach to Feng Shui and we teach in a practical, efficient and down-to-earth manner with the learning of the classical theories always supported by case studies and practical on-site applications in a modern environment.


We prefer face-to-face teaching in an intimate atmosphere, where the individual progress of a student is of primary concern to us. We truly believe that the future of Feng Shui as a profession depends on the quality of the students a teaching institution like ours can produce. Therefore we will try our hardest to bring out the best qualities in each one of the students who will attend our courses.



This we promise, and will deliver.


Manu Butterworth Founder of Golden Gate Feng Shui School

Manu Butterworth

Founder and Director of Golden Gate School of Feng Shui School

GGFSS is one of the leading schools of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui in the country. For over 10 years students from around the world have chosen this academy for its internationally renowned faculty members and a curriculum designed to illuminate the depth of this field.


By offering a strong foundation in the historical context and philosophical underpinnings of Feng Shui, our students are able to understand its application and practice in an integrated manner. Elegantly simple and technically intricate, Feng Shui can be approached from a range of depths. Our curriculum offers students the opportunity to study at any level.


Feng Shui Consultant, Speaker, Coach & Author

Five Elements Mastery

Prof. Joe Choo has a very diversed and illustrious career ranging from corporate services to marketing and now as a very passionate Feng Shui consultant, author, speaker and coach,. She was awarded a Professorship by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. She is currently retained by a number of notable companies in Malaysia, as well as consultant to various development projects. Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre had retained her since 2008 until 2016; she is engaged by Universal Music to look into the Feng Shui for their offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia; CDL Development company from Singapore has appointed her to do Feng Shui for their office in Shanghai and many more.


Apart from Malaysian Feng Shui, Prof Joe does research on Feng Shui of cities in England, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and etc and she contributes her researched articles to creditable daily in Malaysia. Besides she is a frequent guest to television stations in Malaysia and abroad to share her knowledge with the public.


In Malaysia, she had conducted classes for the Institute of Architect Malaysia (“PAM”), Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (“MIEA”). She is frequently invited by Banks such as CIMB, RHB, UOB and others; other organizations as speaker on Feng Shui for their clients and customers. She was guest speaker at the FIABCI (French Federation of Estate Agents and Property Developers) in the last Asia Pacific Summit held in Kuala Lumpur. She is a season speaker for Star Property shows held in Penang, Kuala Lumpur an Johor Bahru, besides she is invited by reputable developer such as EcoWorld, Mah Sing, Titijaya, Sime Darby Brunsfield, Tropicana to share her knowledge on Feng Shui and the yearly outlook. As the latest she is invited to be one of the panel judges for the 2016 Star Property Awards.


Besides giving talks within the country, she has been engaged by Asian Bankers Club from Hong Kong to share her forecast and knowledge since 2013 in Hong Kong and Singapore. CSL(Singapore) Financial House with international reputation engaged her for the yearly customer lunch to share the insight of the coming year consecutively since 2013.


CREATIVE Feng Shui Italy
Dr. Stefan Vettori - Creative Feng Shui, Italy

Fend Shui Master

Dr. Stefan Vettori,

Founder Creative Feng Shui

Penso che il mio viaggio nel Feng Shui sia iniziato quando, da piccolo, mi sono chiesto: ma perché le città sono tanto brutte? Possibile che non facciano stare male nessun altro oltre a me? Possibile che nessuno preferisca forme e colori più gradevoli, più morbidi?


 … possibile che nessuno senta “il messaggio”?


A scuola fu ancora peggio: praticamente una fila di stalle asettiche, monotone nella loro struttura rettangolare. Ora so perché fossero così vuote, così prive di riferimenti a cui un bambino piccolo si potesse agganciare per sentirsi più sicuro. La storia si è ripetuta con le varie case in cui ho abitato. Perché le stanze erano disposte proprio in quel modo, quando un’altra disposizione sarebbe stata più comoda e più bella?

E i letti? Quante notti insonni per colpa di letti mal posizionati o con un cattivo orientamento…

Negli anni mi sono interessato delle discipline più diverse, orientali come occidentali, e nel frattempo mi sono laureato in fisica all’università di Torino – parallelamente alla crescita del mio interesse per il Feng Shui.


Insegnare è stato il mio primo lavoro, alle superiori e all’università.


Ma anche quando mi occupavo di formazione in materie più convenzionali, la curiosità per le suggestioni create dagli ambienti non mi ha mai abbandonato. Dopo la laurea, iniziai a interessarmi al Feng Shui e alle materie affini.

Più procedevo, e più mi si chiarivano due punti importantissimi: che c’era qualcosa di fondamentale che ignoravamo riguardo agli ambienti in cui viviamo e lavoriamo, e che molte delle conoscenze e informazioni che leggevo su vari testi (solo sul Feng Shui ne possiedo attualmente più di 50, senza contare quelli originali in cinese!) erano confuse, contraddittorie, a volte associazioni infantili, a volte invece intuizioni molto profonde.


Esasperato da questa situazione, dopo qualche anno di studio e di ricerca decisi di effettuare un lavoro di verifica e comparazione di tutte le teorie e conoscenze di Feng Shui con cui ero venuto in contatto.


Stefan vettori


Mi misi in cerca di una visione unificante.


Una visione che permettesse non solo di comprendere le diverse tecniche e metodi del Feng Shui, ma anche di distinguere quelle valide da quelle errate o incomplete. Mi interessava in particolare trovare un unico modello interpretativo per tutti gli stili costruttivi tradizionali nel mondo, dall’architettura europea agli Egizi, ai nativi Americani, agli Indiani e a tutte le popolazioni che ci hanno lasciato uno stile costruttivo. Volevo definire i principi fondamentali che regolano la disposizione degli spazi.


Fondai Creative Feng Shui nel 1996, e all’inizio fu un lavoro part-time. Dopo qualche anno, però, mi ritrovai così coinvolto dal Feng Shui che iniziai a tenere regolarmente corsi ed effettuare consulenze. Fu l’occasione di fare tanta, tanta pratica, mentre continuavo ad approfondire la mia ricerca e studiare nuove teorie.


Dal 2002, mi dedico al Feng Shui a tempo pieno, anzi direi pienissimo…


Ovviamente negli anni ho anche studiato Feng Shui classico, e continuo a studiarlo! È una fonte inesauribile di tesori. L’ho studiato a Hong Kong, quando era ancora inglese, poi in Cina, e infine a Londra con Master Kajal Sheth e con Master Chan Kun Wah.


Dal 2007 ho preso una decisione radicale: quella di svolgere la ricerca in modo indipendente da scuole o maestri, per potermi dedicare alla sperimentazione ed all’insegnamento senza vincoli e limitazioni; voglio proporre una nuova visione del Feng Shui, più attuale e in sintonia con lo spirito europeo, basata però sul recupero delle antiche conoscenze, sull’integrazione con l’approccio sperimentale e con i risultati della scienza occidentale, e sull’utilizzo di esercizi psicofisici che permettano il risveglio della nostra “mente intuitiva”, così fondamentale nella pratica del Feng Shui.


Insieme a diversi collaboratori che mi hanno accompagnato negli anni – tutte persone importanti che mi hanno aiutato molto – abbiamo dato vita a un approccio decisamente più sistematico, potente e completo rispetto a quelli che ho incontrato.


Tuttavia, sento sempre di più che la via da seguire è quella dell’osservazione della natura.


È quella di percepire il mondo senza catalogare e suddividere, come un unico processo unitario in continuo svolgimento. Ho imparato molto dai libri e da tutti coloro che mi hanno trasmesso le loro conoscenze, ma ancora di più dall’osservazione delle montagne, dei boschi, dei corsi d’acqua, dall’avventurarmi nella natura senza preoccuparmi del ritorno. Lascio sempre di più che sia la natura a insegnarmi, senza cercare di forzare ma lasciando la guida a un ritmo più profondo, forse più antico. Ed è questo, al di là delle teorie, che cerco di trasmettere.


Abito in Piemonte, e da poco mi sono trasferito ancora più vicino alle mie montagne (parlano molto!).


Mi interesso di astrologia, esoterismo, natura e mi piace molto leggere…


Ah, dimenticavo. Sono andato in televisione qualche volta, per parlare di Feng Shui… ma la televisione non è una cosa seria, per cui non mi vedrete più. Al massimo in radio, se no mi trovate su !

I looked for a unifying version


A vision that would allow not only to understand the different techniques and methods of Feng Shui, but also to distinguish those valid from the wrong or incomplete. I was particularly interested in finding a single model of interpretation for all the traditional building styles in the world, from European architecture to the Egyptians, to the native Americans, to the Indians and to all the populations that left us with a constructive style. I wanted to define the fundamental principles that govern the arrangement of spaces.


I founded Creative Feng Shui in 1996, and at the beginning it was a part-time job. After a few years, however, I found myself so involved with Feng Shui that I began to take regular courses and consultations. It was an opportunity to do a lot of practice, while I continued to deepen my research and study new theories.


Since 2002, I dedicate myself to full-time Feng Shui, in fact I would say very full ...


Obviously over the years I have also studied Feng Shui classic, and I continue to study it! It is an inexhaustible source of treasures. I studied it in Hong Kong, when it was still English, then in China, and finally in London with Master Kajal Sheth and with Master Chan Kun Wah.


Since 2007 I have taken a radical decision: to carry out research independently from schools or teachers, to be able to devote myself to experimentation and teaching without constraints and limitations; I want to propose a new vision of Feng Shui, more current and in tune with the European spirit, based however on the recovery of ancient knowledge, on the integration with the experimental approach and with the results of Western science, and on the use of psychophysical exercises that allow the awakening of our "intuitive mind", so fundamental in the practice of Feng Shui.


Together with several collaborators who have accompanied me over the years - all important people who have helped me a lot - we have created a decidedly more systematic, powerful and complete approach to those I have met.


However, I feel more and more that the way forward is that of observing nature.


It is to perceive the world without cataloging and subdividing, as a single unitary process in continuous development. I learned a lot from books and from all those who have passed on to me their knowledge, but even more from observing the mountains, the woods, the waterways, from venturing into nature without worrying about the return. I leave more and more that it is the nature to teach me, without trying to force but leaving the guide to a deeper, perhaps more ancient rhythm. And it is this, beyond the theories, that I try to transmit.


I live in Piedmont, and recently I moved even closer to my mountains (they talk a lot!).


I am interested in astrology, esotericism, nature and I really like reading ...


Ah, I forgot. I went on television sometimes, to talk about Feng Shui ... but television is not a serious thing, so you will not see me again. At most on the radio, if not you can find me on!


Willkommen in der Welt des Feng Shui

In unserer heutigen schnelllebigen Zeit ist eine harmonische und inspirierende Umgebung wichtig wie nie zuvor. Feng Shui, die chinesische Lehre der Harmonie, schafft ein gesundes Raumklima und Feng Shui Berater sind gefragter denn je. Die Internationale Feng Shui Akademie ist die einzige Schule in Deutschland, die nach den Prinzipien des “Yuen Hom Da Gua” lehrt und arbeitet. Diese Methode ermöglicht sehr differenzierte und komplexe Analysen.

Master Mark Sakautzky

Die beiden Gründer der Schule – Master Nicole Finkeldei und Master Mark Sakautzky – wurden viele Jahre in dieser Technik unterwiesen. Ihr weitreichendes Feng Shui Wissen sowie langjährige Erfahrung bilden die Grundlage für einzigartige und umfassende Ausbildungen, Seminare und Beratungen.


Master Nicole Finkeldei