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Grandmaster Vincent Koh

About Vincent Koh

Grand Master Koh founded the Singapore Feng Shui Centre in 1997.

 He developed an interest in Feng Shui during his long successful career in the building industry since 1967. Over time, many of his clients began to seek his advice on Feng Shui audit. After many years of research, and practice in Feng Shui, in 1997, GrandMaster Koh began sharing his knowledge in public seminars and started his teaching in collaboration with department CEC, Singapore Polytechnic in 1997.

He was awarded Singapore Polytechnic’s “Continuing Education Award” in 2003, 2005 and 2007. Currently, all SFSC courses are endorsed by International Feng Shui Association. This is another achievement in bringing Feng Shui to an International platform.

From his teaching to date, he has written five books on Feng Shui, and trained over hundreds of graduates worldwide. Today, many of his students has successfully turned professionals.

Grand Master Koh’s breakthrough as a teacher of Feng Shui with endorsement by an internationally reknowned Association(IFSA) is a unique and groundbreaking achievement for the art and science of Feng Shui. He was conferred the title 'Grandmaster' by IFSA in 2009 at the International Feng Shui Convention.

Presently, he carry out research, teach, mentor and provide professional feng shui related services to both individuals and corporate clients. With his vast knowledge plus experience in buildings and interior design it is an added value to his professional practice.


  • Diploma in Marketing-Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK)
  • Dip. Sales & Marketing (M.I.S)
  • Member of Marketing Institute of Singapore (MMIS)
  • Corporate Member International Feng Shui Association (CIFSA)
  • Conferred ' Grandmaster' by IFSA in 2009


Basic Science of Feng Shui by GM Vincent Koh in FORMOSA ART

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Basic Science of Feng Shui

A Handbook for Practitioners


"In his latest book, GrandMaster Vincent Koh brings together his comprehensive knowledge on the science of Feng Shui. The book includes a brief history of Feng Shui, followed by simple explanations of each of the complex aspects of Feng Shui practice, including eight house theory, flying star analysis and water theory. The book also takes the reader through each ring of the Lo Pan or Geomancers compass, and provides a practical guide to carrying out Feng Shui audits for any home or office."


Previously perceived to be an inaccessible subject, the burgeoning interest in authentic Feng Shui over the years has led to an explosion of Feng Shui guides. Every now and then, an authentic classic comes along to illuminate the world of Feng Shui. This book does just that. Rigorously researched, Basic Science of Feng Shui: A Handbook for Practitioners is no bedtime read for the average Feng Shui fan. It elucidates the theories and applications of authentic Feng Shui. The Flying Star, Substitute Star and Water Theories have also been presented in a concise manner that provides practitioners with a true understanding of the complex formulae and practical application involved.


Though tailored to be an indispensable guide for Feng Shui practitioners, this well-organised and clearly-written book will be an enlightening read for Feng Shui beginners too. Your journey to delve into the science of Feng Shui starts here.


Important concepts covered include the following:-


  • Eight Trigrams
  • Eight House Theory
  • Flying Star Analysis
  • Flying Star Charts (Age 1 to Age 9)
  • Substitute Star Application
  • Water Theories
  • Feng Shui Audit