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The SMartLuoPan designed by Sherry Merchant


"It’s not like any traditional Chinese Luopan format like San He, San Yuan etc. but supports multiple facets majorly flying star p9 , eight mansion and Xuan Kong Da Gua".

Sherry Merchant design SMartLuoPan, produced by FORMOSA ART
  • The SMartLuoPan® is a tribute to all those who used the Traditional LuoPan as just a compass. We all can partly relate to that. So here is your Dream LuoPan come true. Finally, here is a LuoPan, the SMartLuoPan® where one can actually use all the Rings with confidence. The SMartLuoPan® is User Friendly and most of the rings are in English, such a relief from the struggle and pressure of knowing Chinese.
  • Every Ring is relevant and contributes substantially to your assessment.
  • There are features you will find only in the SMartLuoPan® like the Period 8 AND Period 9 Flying star ring, which will not appear in older LuoPans, naturally.
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  • We have also gone a step further and highlighted in red, the Sheng & Wang Sectors of each flying star chart, allowing you to identify the sectors that work better than the others, and the information is right there in your SMartLuoPan®. (If you are starting to get lost at this stage, do not worry, a really friendly and informative Manual comes free with the SMartLuoPan® that explains everything. Consider it a total Feng Shui Lesson.)
  • You also have total 8 Mansions support with a House Gua ring which tells you at a glance, the auspicious & inauspicious sectors of a property. Impress your client by pointing your SMartLuoPan® at the facing of the property and giving them an instant assessment.
  • The totally brilliant Ming Gua with Na Jia Ring, that you will find only in the SMartLuoPan®, tells you what each of the 24 mountains are to each of the 8 Ming Guas. Isn’t it great to be able to measure a door or a bed and know on the spot, what a particular degree means to a particular Gua?
Detail view of SMartLuoPan

  • The 24 mountains are all color-coded so you can tell at a glance what frame they belong to. Mentioning the 24 mountain names in English also makes it so much easier.
  • Complete Xuan Kong Da Gua Support comes in with every Hexagram name in English, and the Hexagrams are Color coded as per the much sought after Kun Ren Yi formula. Details on how to use it are in the easy to follow manual.
  • The Hexagram elements are mentioned in English along with the hexagram numbers for those of you who refer to a hexagram by its Hetu Number/Period Luck number. In addition, we have the element of each hexagram mentioned with a letter, like W means water. Cannot be simpler to follow!
24 Mountain detail of Sherry Merchant's SMartLuoPan

  • In the SMartLuoPan® the 60 Jia Zi ring has the Na Yin elements in English.
  • The usual rings have been included, the 12 Branches ring, Out of Gua ring, Great Sun Formula, Early & Later heaven.
  • The SMartLuoPan® is produced by FORMOSA ART, the leading Luopan manufacturer according to German quality standards.


The SMartLuoPan comes with a 91 pages printed English User Guide

If you want another language, please select it from the options below and let us know when ordering.

Sherry Merchant's SMartLuoPan

The Luopan will be delivered with a book

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The SMartLuoPan User Guide Translations

The official teachers listed below will each hold seminars in their languages consistent with the English User Guide. Please pay attention to the advertising in your language.

Translator French: Master Jocelyne Berger-Luquin
Official Trainer French: Master Jocelyne Berger-Luquin

Contact for French seminars:

Translator German: André Pasteur
Official Trainer German: André Pasteur

Contact for German seminars:

Translator Portuguese Master Aline Mendes
Official Trainer Portuguese Master Aline Mendes

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Translator Spanish: Master Evelyn Escarfullery
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