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Howard Choy's webinar Lupan Zoom

REMARK: This is going to be a unique webinar. It will not be repeated.

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Master Howard Choy's Luopan



  • Master Howard Choy explains the use of each ring on his Luopan design
  •  The webinar is suitable for both beginners and advanced users
  •  If you are already working with this Luopan, you will gain further insights.
  • You have the opportunity to ask a question before the webinar, which Master Choy will then answer during the webinar. Of course, you can also ask questions during the interactive webinar.
Howard Choy

May 08, 2021


16:00 to 19:00 CET, Berlin Germany

3 hours 150 US$


3 hour  webinar:    150 US$




The webinar will be recorded, professionally edited and, if necessary, supplemented with additional graphics. Participants of the webinar will receive this video for free.




For questions and registration, please contact Webinar@FORMOSA-ART.com