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How to use a

Luban Ruler

in a Feng Shui consultation

  • History of Luban Ruler
  • Parts of Lu Ban Ruler
  • Practical use of th Lu Ban ruler
  • How to use auspicious measure
  • How to avoid non-auspicious measure in given cases, e.g. standard tabe size
Howard Choy Nov 14, 2020 3 hours 100 US$

Feng Shui and the morphic field:

How to use pendulums to create powerful Feng Shui for your home and business

  • Introduction into pendulum healing and Feng Shui
  • What pendulums to use
  • Buildings as living structures
  • How to use pendulums to create vortices of healing energy
  • How to transfer energy to buildings via pendulums
  • How to create harmonious living and working places
André Pasteur 10-2020 3 hours 100 US$

Learn the practical use of the DISC system in your Feng Shui consultations


  • Get to know the highly successful DISC profiling system in general
  • Learn how to use it to build trust quickly and honestly with clients
  • Understand how to instantly identify your customer’s character needs
  • Discover how to add value to your Feng Shui business using this system

Gayle Smith Nov 09, 2020 3 hours 100 US$

Trainer's comments about their webinar:

How to use a Lu Ban Ruler in a Feng Shui consultation


The Luban Ruler


The Luban ruler is supposed to have been invented by Luban 魯班 (c. 507-444BC), a master carpenter, an inventor of carpentry tools and a structural engineer from the Kingdom of Lu during the Spring and Autumn Period of the Zhou Dynasty.

The ruler is divided into an upper and lower layer, with the upper layer use for measurements related to Yang dwellings (residential houses) and the lower layer for measurements related to Yin dwellings (graves and tombs).


This 3-hours webinar is organized in two parts, the first part is on the history and theories behind the Luban ruler and the second part is on the practical applications of how to use the ruler to measure the sizes for the different openings and also furniture for the office and home, to ensure that the sizes chosen are ritually correct, to hasten the auspicious and avoid the harmful.


If you have not a Luban Ruler on hand already, then by joining this webinar you can purchase one from Formosa Art . Please inform the organizer at time of registration.


Your presenter, Howard Choy, is a bi-lingual Australian Feng Shui architect, he is the Principal of European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS) and a partner in the architectural firm of "ar-qi-tektur", base in Berlin and has nearly 50 years of experience in the coal-face of Feng Shui teaching and practice.


In the 3 hours you will learn some interesting facts about the Luban rule and also how to use this unique Feng Shui instrument to enhance your Feng Shui knowledge and practice. No prior Feng Shui study is required, everyone is welcome and we look forward to meeting you in our Zoom classroom.

Feng Shui and the morphic field:How to use pendulums to create powerful Feng Shui for your home and business


We are in a time of rapid change. The energies are accelerating, the earth and humankind are becoming more and more subtle. We are on the way to the information society. Agriculture and industrial production are increasingly being carried out by machines, and hard physical work will continue to decrease. Feng Shui should also change and develop more into the subtle. If we become an information society, Feng Shui also should work more on the information and less on the material level.


This is how pendulum healing works. We take buildings for living entities which have an energy field or aura. We check for disharmonious patterns and change them into harmonious ones. Thereby we use a gentle stimulus generated by pendulum vortices and induce healing and growth towards a higher level of consciousness.


Important note:


For this webinar you will need a pendulum. Any kind of pendulum will do, even a small weight on a string. If you want to have a pendulum that is especially designed for this kind of work, look for Isis Pendulums on Amazon.


Learn the practical use of the DISC system in your Feng Shui consultations

DISC is a character assessment tool used by successful businesses. This popular program has been in circulation since the 1920’s. The technique is similar to Chinese Astrology; only much easier and quicker to learn. It will excel you into improved communication and networking skills. No special skills required either. Anyone can master.


Bonus: Not only business relations will improve, but also family and personal relationships.


The DISC assessment starts with a detailed questioner that narrows the subject down into 4 behavior traits. It is based on a graph system that uses dot placements to determine if a person is a D, I, S, or C type personality. D for Dominance, I for Influence, S is Steadiness, and C is Compliant.


Like Chinese Astrology, the theory accounts for the fact that people are complex. It is possible that in this system someone has D as the highest percentile, with S as the second factor and a little bit of I as a third. The system does take into account someone’s primary, secondary, tertiary traits and even absent personality types.


In this webinar you will learn exactly how to treat and speak to anyone you wish to have a meaningful conversation with using the DISC system. As an added bonus, in the second part of the webinar we take the theory of the DISC system and translate its benefits and techniques easily into Feng Shui Speak. As guided by the 說卦傳, Shuo Gua Zhuan, the Explanation of the Trigrams. Practitioners of Feng Shui will quickly pick up the connection.


All attendees will receive an ebooklet of Feng Shui Speak Character Profiles as based on the Shuo Gua Zhuan.


Gayle Smith,

Feng Shui Master

In 2004 I earned my diploma as a Professional Feng Shui Practitioner from Grandmaster Joseph Yu, the principal of the Feng Shui Research Centre. As a Feng Shui Master, Lecturer and Mentor I offer courses, eBooks and seminars to help others learn the art of the five principles of Qi planning.




If you want to be informed about further details of this webinar or you have have questions, please contact us