What is FORMOSA Art?

This website introduces QUALITY,  Feng Shui & Art for Feng Shui consultants, Feng Shui Master and Feng Shui schools,as well as people who are just interested in Feng Shui and want to the positive energy of Feng Shui. We provide a wide range of Feng Shui compasses (Luo Pan), Acryl Feng Shui compasses, 24 Mountain compasses. You will also find several kind of Feng Shui art, like paintings, handmade carpets and wood carving.

2 Luopan
Acryl Liji Ruler AHC-188

We are specialized in producing your own designs


It is easier and cheaper as you might think to get your own luo pan design, either as classical luopan with high quality red lacquere or as Acryl luo pan.

FORMOSA Art combines experiences to your benefit:

  • 20+ years quality management - based on German standards
  • 20+ years project leading
  • 20+ years logistics
  • 30 years of luo pan manufacturing
  • All components and finish products are Made in Taiwan



Wood carved sculptures

are in perfect harmony

with Feng Shui.



Where is FORMOSA Art?

Formosa is the old name of Taiwan. We are located close to Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. If you are interested to see a bit more about Taiwan, take a look here.

But in the modern world we are just as far as your pc keyboard. Please contact us if you have any question.

Who is FORMOSA Art?

Ms. Lily Chang is General Manager of EAST YING International company. This company is specialized on international Trade Business and Consulting. One part of Trade Business is FORMOSA Art.


Ms. Chang and her team have long experience in international business, customer service and international projects. Ms Chang is also expert for Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Numerology.


Lily Chang - FORMOSA Art
Ms. Lily Chang

On her various business trips to Europe and USA, she recognized the differences in Western Feng Shui and the traditional Feng Shui in Taiwan. Some of the art used in Taiwan is not available or hard to find in Europe and America. So she got the idea to introduce this kind of art to the international market. That was the foundation of FORMOSA Art.

Ms. Chang and her team select the supplier and the products very carefully. She said, 'I only want to offer products which I would like to have in my private home or would give as a present to very good friends'.

However, the product portfolio is constanty growing with a clear focus on quality and service.


We want satisfied customers - who like to come back