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June 27, 2015

Cheryl Grace - Hay House Author, Feng Shui Consultant, Interior Refiner

Cheryl Grace - Hay House Author,

Feng Shui Consultant, Interior Refiner

Cheryl Grace is a Feng Shui author, professional consultant, motivational speaker and teacher who specializes in helping people to design their lives from the inside out. As an expert practitioner, she offers a new perspective putting the true power of Feng Shui in the readers hands to reach their full potential by living an inspired and purpose-driven life.


With her illuminating insight and refreshing humor, she is a sought-after Feng Shui design professional and keynote speaker, turning the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui into a uniquely powerful program of discovery and self-fulfillment. Through the lens of Feng Shui, she decoratively transforms a home or business into a cozy and easy environment with an emphasis on modern decorating solutions that are practical as well as purposeful.


Feng Shui Simply

by Cheryl Grace

In Feng Shui Simply, Cheryl Grace digs deep into the principles of feng shui and presents readers with a new view of this age-old concept. Her approach focuses on balancing the energy of not only a person’s external landscape but also their internal mindscape.

Through contemporary Feng Shui, Graces teaches readers to plan their environment using a Bagua map - a chart separating physical spaces into nine areas, each representing a different aspect of life, such as wealth, family, reputation, career, and creativity. But she goes a step further and presents an all-new Inner Wisdom Bagua map that correlates the characteristics, beliefs, and attitudes that will help readers flourish in each area.

Readers learn to harness the power of their intuition and use tools like Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, Instant Energy, and the Magical Day, to evaluate their inner and outer environments to create the life they desire. Grace shows readers the importance of seizing the moment by taking practical steps to put their dreams in motion, graciously receiving and not taking anything for granted, and surrendering to the process through letting go of control.

Using anecdotes from her own experience switching careers from an ESPN executive to a Feng Shui consultant, as well as her clients’ success stories, Grace walks readers through each area of the classic and Inner Wisdom Bagua maps to create unique solutions for their lives. With wit and authority, Grace provides simple strategies for self-assessment, and enthusiastically guides readers on a Feng Shui journey to harmonize the space in which they live with the space in which they exist.

Feng Shui Simply is available now on Hay House, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound and various electronic outlets.