Xuan Kong Luopan

Xuan Kong (pronounced "Shu-en Kong") is the "mother" of the renowned Flying Stars Feng Shui system. It is a sophisticated branch of Feng Shui replete with many techniques and formulae, enabling practitioners to evaluate Feng Shui on a more thorough and in-depth basis.


The study of Xuan Kong encompasses numerology, symbology and science of the Ba Gua along with the mathematics of time. Xuan Kong Feng Shui is widely practiced by leading Feng Shui masters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.


Xuan Kong carries many meanings and interpretations. It has no definitive English translation, and so has been variously referred to as "Mysterious and Void" or "Mysterious Subtleties" or "Time and Space Dimension" Feng Shui.


In the definitive Feng Shui text by Master Shen Ju Reng (Qing Dynasty), Xuan was said to represent "One" while Kong represents "Nine". Xuan Kong therefore represents the interaction and relationship between One and Nine; hence, the Nine Flying Stars.


Xuan can also represent "Heaven", while Kong represents "Earth". Thus, Xuan Kong symbolizes the interaction of forces between Heaven and Earth. Furthermore, as Heaven stands for Yang, and Earth stands for Yin, Xuan Kong represents the interaction of Yin and Yang within the living universe.


Xuan Kong Luopan by FORMOSA Art
Lopan Product group CLASSY from Formosa Art

CLASSY Xuan Kong Luo pan - CXK-260 by Formosa Art

CLASSY Xuan Kong -260

Luopan Price Tag CXK-260 by FORMOSA ART

Lopan product group PREMIUM by Formosa Art

PREMIUM Xuan Kong Lopan from FORMOSA Art

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PREMIUM Xuan Kong Daxie

Item-No. Size Price* w/o Poly
PXKD-260 26.0 x 26.0 cm 328 US$
PXKD-220 22.0 x 22.0 cm 281 US$
PXKD-085 8.5 x 8.5 cm 137 US$
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Poly gloss is optional.


Material: Brass, Bakelite and red gloss paint

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Feng Shui Luopan product group IMPERIAL by Formosa Art

IMPERIAL IXKD-260 by Formosa Art

IMPERIAL Xuan Kong Da Gua

Item-No. IXKD-260
Size 26.0 x 26.0 cm
Material Brass, Bakelite and red gloss paint
Price* w/o Poly 600 US$
Price* w/ Poly 640 US$

* all prices without freight cost

Xuan Kong Luopan 10.2" by Formosa Art

Xuan Kong -365

Item-No. XK-365
Size 36.5 x 36.5 cm
Weight 2600 gr
Price* 585 US$

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