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Luopan Remedy

Feng Shui Compass, also widely known as Luopan is the most essential tool of a Feng Shui practitioner. In the eye of most people, a compass is being seen as just a navigational tool to find directions, but for Feng Shui compass, it does not only tell the direction, but also the flow of Qi of the external and internal environment.


A Luopan can also be an effective Feng Shui remedy against many different Sha Qi. It is believed that if you display a Luopan at home, it can keep away negative Qi and also protect the household due to all the auspicious symbols and numbers on it.


Luopan Remedy by FORMOSA ART

What is Sha Qi?

Sha Qi refers to negative Feng Shui or attacking energy. Even though it is invisible, Sha Qi can often make one feel uncomfortable. In more serious cases, Sha Qi can affect your luck cycle and the prolonged exposure to this negative energy can be detrimental to your physical and mental well-being.


This bad Feng Shui energy can be created outside by the sharpness of a structure - man-made or natural - that points to your front door or any of the windows.


How to use a Luopan as a remedy

  • It can be used to measure the direction of the house, attracting wealth, avoiding evil, protecting safety, and dissolving evil spirits! It can harmonize the magnetic field of the house.
  • Place the compass in the living room's financial position, which can cooperate with the Dragon Silver or the Five Emperors to achieve the effect of fortune, and the effect of fortune is better.
  • Hang the compass directly on the evil side or at the door to have the effect of blocking the evil by the town house.
  • If the child is frightened and crying in the middle of the night, the compass can be placed above the threshold of the child’s room


FORMOSA ART's Remedy Luopan


Some supplier offer either Luopan for Feng Shui consultants to measure the directions and other just offer Luopan as remedy.


FORMOSA ART provides a unique combination of both.

Luopan Remedy by FORMOSA ART
Luopan Remedy by FORMOSA ART
Luopan Remedy by FORMOSA ART

FORMOSA ART - Snap Hook Ring for Lo Pan Remedy


With the Snap Hook Ring you can change the traditional Luopan to a Luopan remedy and vice versa.

Luopan Cure with small CLASSY Luopan



The compass can be used to cure the house, prevent car accidents, attract wealth, and ensure safety.




It maintains a stable, healthy, safe and auspicious atmosphere in your home

Lo Pan cure with small Lo Pan by FORMOSA ART

Luopan REMEDY VERSIONS are only available for CLASSY LUOPAN

FORMOSA ART CLASSY product group
Lo pan Remedy by FORMOSA ART
Luopan Cure by FORMOSA ART
Lo Pan Decoration by FORMOSA ART