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February 28, 2015


Belinda Mendoza,


Professional Business and Feng Shui Consultant, Austin, TX.  She is an  “Urban Feng Shui Master,”  internationally trained and certified as a professional Feng Shui Consultant, Austin, Tx.  She is also a Feng Shui Teacher, Speaker and Author,  serving clients worldwide.

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Belinda Mendoza


“The Foundation for Happiness is to Create a Loving Atmosphere.”

~ His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

                            Feng Shui Your Hotel Room

                                   by Belinda Mendoza


One of the many things a Feng Shui consultant does is to help make a client’s home as happy and health as possible. That said, I can’t begin to count how many times I have walked into a client’s home and been overtaken by the sweet, cloying smell of artificial scent. Frequently my nose starts to run and I get a headache, not to mention feeling irritable.

Hotel room Florence, Italy


Hotel rooms present a travel challenge! Even the best are filled with dead, stale chi and energy from prior guests. If it’s a large hotel, you also contend with being sandwiched between other rooms and the energies of other occupants. Add to this the sharp angles of traditional furniture, the mix of bedroom and bathroom chi, electromagnetic fields, noise, and it’s no wonder so many people dislike travel and are debilitated by it.


The following are suggestions to personalize your room…


  1. Fragrance can be important. If you use a room freshener or scented candles at home, bring similar items to use in your room. You might even bring a tiny air purifier. It’s important to breathe clean air.
  2. Bring small framed photos of family members and close friends. If you have pictures of your house or local landscapes that remind you of home, bring those with you as well.
  3. Most hotel rooms offer a copy of the Bible and some also provide copies of the Book of Mormon. Whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs, bring inspirational materials to use to start or conclude your day. This will help de-stress you and create a feeling of serenity in your rented space.
  4. Consider getting lightweight statues of spiritual figures or religious symbols you can easily pack. Set them out in the northwest corner of your room (this is the area for helpful people). You may notice an astonishing improvement in how well you interact with others.
  5. Bring one of the following to purify the energy in your room: a small “singing bowl” (used in Feng Shui to purify the energy in any room), a small bell, or a wind chime you can swish. Of course, you can achieve similar results by playing pleasing music on your radio or TV.
  6. Consider bringing your own pillowcases, favoring warm colors such as pink or yellow to balance the 5 Feng Shui elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) in your room. Most hotel rooms are out of balance.
  7. As to balancing the elements, most hotel rooms have plenty of metal (symbolized by the color white). Likewise, they have sufficient wood (the furniture) and water (the black accents and mirrors). However, unless the room decor includes red, orange and yellow or earth tones, the elements of fire and earth are lacking. By bringing travel accessories or decorative items in these colors, you can restore balance and a sense of comfort to your hotel room.
  8. Stop at a local convenience store or gift shop as soon as you can and purchase a few picture postcards of the area you’re visiting. If the city has its own magazine, pick up one of those as well. Is the area known for a particular snack or food? Take these treats to your hotel room and set them out to remind yourself of where you are. It helps you feel grounded.
  9. Finally, add fresh flowers to cheer up an otherwise sterile hotel room. (Flowers are also considered good luck in Feng Shui.) They represent the element wood (which represents growth) and can bring you new customers, clients and sales, if placed in the east area of your room.


If you apply just a few of these recommendations when you travel, you’ll discover renewed enjoyment and energy at each hotel you stay, and you’ll find your time away from home more harmonious and prosperous.


Wishing you safe and prosperous travels.


Belinda Mendoza: www.designforenergy.com