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Joseph Yu's Luopan

Master Joseph Yu

Joseph Yu's XUAN KONG Luopan is available again

  • The original design by Master Joseph Yu
  • Improved quality
  • All production processes according to German quality standards
  • Available immediately
  • Worldwide shipping (except Australia)
  • All parts are Made in Taiwan

Joseph Yu's best Luopan available again

Joseph Yu's high quality Luopan JY-188 by FORMOSA ART

Luopan JY-188                       

Item: CLASSY Luopan
Item-No.: JY-188
Size: 18.8 x 18.8 cm
Price with Poly Gloss: 450 US$*

* all prices are without freight.

   Please contact us for further information.

Names of the rings of Joseph Yu's Luopan

Joseph Yu Luopan names of the rings
Master Joseph Yu best Luopan with FSRC bag

Another 5 happy  Feng Shui practitioners with their new luopans at the

FSGC Academy on the Gold Coast AUSRTALIA


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